Music about loss by Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Waits and I'll read a poem/story about breaking up play list

Tonight on LA Sounds I'll be playing music about losing someone you love after being together for years with music by Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Lazy Lester, Johnny Cash, Mose Allison, Neil Young, Nora Jones, Patsy Cline, Timi Yuro, Tom Waits, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Los Caballitos, Mose Allison, Neil Young, Patsy Cline, The Doors, Van Morrison, some of my East LA cholo tunes and I'll even read a metaphor story/poem about a bridge collapsing in Vietnam and going through a breakup years later. And I'll play a song I wrote about the fear of being lost as a teenager at the beach.

Bridge collapsing

Blown bridge in Vietnam

Phil standing on a blown bridge in Vietnam

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 04/11/2017 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Eva Cassidy & Chuck Brown “drown in my own tears” from drown in my own tears (Single)

07:36PM Bob Dylan “I Don't Believe You” from I Don't Believe You (Single)

07:39PM Bonnie Raitt “i know” from i know (Single)

07:42PM Delaney & Bonnie “When This Battle is Over” from When This Battle is Over (Single)

07:45PM Abigale Washborn “the last goodbye” from the last goodbye (Single)

07:48PM Bob Dylan “It Ain't Me Babe” from It Ain't Me Babe (Single)

07:51PM Eve Monsees “Don't Say Goodbye” from Don't Say Goodbye (Single)

07:54PM Eva Cassidy “say goodbye” from say goodbye (Single)

07:57PM Elmore James “Goodbye baby” from Goodbye Baby (Single)

08:00PM Bob & Earl “it's over” from It's Over (Single)

08:03PM Barbara Lynn “If you should Lose Me” from If You Should Lose Me (Single)

08:06PM Angelian Jordan “What a Difference a Day Makes” from What a Difference a Day Makes (Single)

08:09PM Angelian Jordan “Gloomy Sunday” from Gloomy Sunday (Single)

08:12PM Tom Waits “It's Over” from It's Over (Single)

08:15PM Johnnie & Jo “My Baby's Gone” from My Baby's Gone (Single)

08:18PM James Brown “I Lost Someone” from I Lost Someone (Single)

08:21PM Mose Allison “I Lost My Mind” from I Lost My Mind (Single)

08:24PM Van Morrison “It Won't Hurt Half as Much” from It Won't Hurt Half as Much (Single)

08:27PM Timi Yuro “What's a Matter Baby (Is It Hurtin' You)” from What's a Matter Baby (Is It Hurtin' You) (Single)

08:30PM James Brown “That's When I Lost My Heart” from That's When I Lost My Heart (Single)

08:33PM Delbert McClinton “Ain't Lost Nothing” from Ain't Lost Nothing (Single)

08:36PM Cookie and His Cupcakes “I Almost Lost My Mind” from I Almost Lost My Mind (Single)

08:39PM Lazy Lester “If You Think I've Lost You” from If You Think I've Lost You (Single)

08:42PM Lazy Lester “I made up my mind” from I made up my mind (Single)

08:45PM The Texas Tortnadoes “My Cruel Pain” from My Cruel Pain (Single)

08:48PM Peggy Lee “It's All Over Now” from It's All Over Now (Single)

08:51PM Patsy Cline “I Love and Lost Again” from I Love and Lost Again (Single)

08:54PM Mississippi John Hurt “Baby What's Wrong?” from Baby What's Wrong? (Single)

08:57PM Donnie Elbert “Can't Get Over Losing You” from Can't Get Over Losing You (Single)

09:00PM Johnny Cash “It's All Over” from It's All Over (Single)

09:03PM Ivory Joe Hunter “I Almost lost my mind” from I Almost Lost My Mind (Single)

09:06PM Bob Dylan “It's All Over Now, Baby Blue” from It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Single)

09:09PM Willie Nelson “Sitting Here in Limbo” from Sitting Here in Limbo (Single)

09:12PM REM “Everybody Hurts” from Everybody Hurts (Single)

09:15PM The Manhattans “Let's Kiss and Say Goodbye” from let's kiss and say goodbye (Single)

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