Robert Johnson, Amy Winehouse, Blind Owl Wilson, Jimi, Janis, Jim and other members of the "27 Club" play list

Tonight on LA Sounds I'll be playing music from musicians who died in "The 27 Club" which is a term that refers to the unusually high number of popular musicians and other artists have died at age 27, including Amy Winehouse, Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Blind Owl Wilson, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Mia Zapata and many others, often as a result of drug and alcohol abuse or violence such as homicide or suicide.

"27 Club" members

27 Club members

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 04/04/2017 07:30PM to 10:00PM KZFR Chico 90.1 FM play list:

07:30PM The Doors “Break on Through” from Break on Through (Single)

07:33PM The Doors “Light My Fire” from Light My Fire (Single)

07:36PM Amy Winehouse “I heard it through the grapevine” from I Heard it Through the Grapevine (Single)

07:39PM Amy Winehouse “someone to watch over me” from Someone to Watch Over Me (Single)

07:42PM Canned Heat “Time Was” from Time Was (Single)

07:45PM Canned Heat “On the Road Again” from On the Road Again (Single)

07:48PM Janis Joplin “One Good Man” from One Good Man (Single)

07:51PM Janis Joplin “Mercedes benz” from Mercedes benz (Single)

07:54PM The Doors “I Looked at You” from I Looked at You (Single)

07:57PM Canned Heat “An Owl Song” from An Owl Song (Single)

08:00PM Canned Heat “Going up the Country” from Going Up The Country (Single)

08:03PM Janis Joplin “Try a little bit harder” from Try a little bit harder (Single)

08:09PM Mia Zapata “A Change Is Gonna Come” from A Change Is Gonna Come (Single)

08:12PM Joe Henderson “Snap Your Fingers” from snap your fingers (Single)

08:15PM Robert Johnson “Dust my broom” from Dust My Broom (Single)

08:18PM Robert Johnson “When You Got a Good Friend” from When You Got a Good Friend (Single)

08:21PM Rolling Stones, The “I am Waiting” from I am Waiting (Single)

08:24PM Rolling Stones, The “She's a Rainbow” from She's a Rainbow (Single)

08:27PM Nirvana “Come as You Are” from Come as You Are (Single)

08:30PM Jimi Hendrix “Purple haze” from Purple Haze (Single)

08:33PM Amy Winehouse “Just Friends” from Just Friends (Single)

08:36PM Amy Winehouse “cupid” from Cupid (Single)

08:39PM Jimi Hendrix “The wind cries Mary” from The wind Cries Mary (Single)

08:42PM Janis Joplin “Summertime” from Summertime (Single)

08:45PM Jimi Hendrix “Red house” from Red house (Single)

08:48PM The Doors “Moonlight Drive” from Moonlight Drive (Single)

08:51PM Rolling Stones “No Expectations” from No Expectations (Single)

08:54PM Rolling Stones “ruby tuesday” from Ruby Tuesday (Single)

08:57PM Robert Johnson “Stop Breaking Down” from Stop Breaking Down (Single)

09:00PM Robert Johnson “sweet Home Chicago” from Sweet Home Chicago (Single)

09:03PM Janis Joplin “down on me” from down on me (Single)

09:06PM Jimi Hendrix “foxy lady” from Foxy Lady (Single)

09:09PM Rolling Stones “Under My Thumb” from Under My Thumb (Single)

09:12PM Jimi Hendrix “all Along the Watchtower” from all Along the Watchtower (Single)

09:15PM Rolling Stones “Paint it Black” from Paint it Black (Single)

This audio is no longer available.
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