Part 4 of all love songs including my favorite cholo and doo-wop love songs play list

Tonight on LA Sounds I'll be playing part 4 of all love songs including many from my favorite artists including James Brown, Etta James, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin and some good old doo-wop and my favorite East LA cholo music love songs.

Etta James

Elvis Presley

James Brown

Janis Joplin

07:30PM Etta James “in the Basement” from In the Basement (Single)

07:33PM Etta James “Baby what you want me to do” from BABY WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO (Single)

07:36PM Etta James “i'd Rather Go Blind” from I'd Rather Go Blind (Single)

07:39PM Etta James “give it up” from Give It Up (Single)

07:42PM Bobby Blue Bland “Turn on your love light” from Turn on your love light (Single)

07:45PM Johnnie & Jo “My Baby's Gone” from My Baby's Gone (Single)

07:48PM Johnnie & Jo “My Baby's Gone On On” from My Baby's Gone On On (Single)

07:51PM Ike Turner “Walking Down the Aisle” from Walking Down the Aisle (Single)

07:54PM Gladys Night “Love Hurts” from Love Hurts (Single)

07:57PM James Brown & His Famous Flames “Hold My Baby's Hand” from Hold My Baby's Hand (Single)

08:00PM James Brown & His Famous Flames “Come over Here” from Come over Here (Single)

08:03PM James Brown & His Famous Flames “Begging, Begging” from Begging, Begging (Single)

08:06PM Lazy Lester “If You Want Me Baby” from If You Want Me Baby (Single)

08:09PM Lazy Lester “You're Gonna Ruin Me Baby” from You're Gonna Ruin Me Baby (Single)

08:12PM Ike and Tina Tuner “I've been loving you too long” from I've Been Loving you too long (Single)

08:15PM Ike and Tina Tuner “Give it to Me” from Give it to Me (Single)

08:18PM Tina Turner “What's Love Got to Do with It?” from What's Love Got to do with It? (Single)

08:21PM Elvis Presley “One night with you” from One Night with You (Single)

08:24PM Elvis Presley “Young Dreams of You” from Young Dreams of You (Single)

08:27PM Elvis Presley “Hound dog” from Hound Dog (Single)

08:30PM Elvis Presley “Treat me nice” from Treat Me Nice (Single)

08:33PM Elvis Presley “Don't” from Don't (Single)

08:36PM Elvis Presley “Don't be cruel” from Don't be Cruel (Single)

08:39PM Etta James “I Just Want to Make Love to You” from I Just Want to Make Love to You (Single)

08:42PM Etta James and Dr John “I'd Rather Go Blind (Alternate Version)” from I'd Rather Go Blind (Alternate Version) (Single)

08:45PM Etta James “Don't Cay Baby” from Don't Cay Baby (Single)

08:48PM Etta James, Chaka Khan, Gladys Night “Ain't Nobody's Business if I do” from Ain't Nobody's Business if I do (Single)

08:51PM Janis Joplin “Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)” from Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) (Single)

08:54PM Janis Joplin “Piece of my heart” from PIECE OF MY HEART (Single)

08:57PM Janis Joplin “I Need a Man” from I Need a Man (Single)

09:00PM James Brown “I Lost Someone” from I Lost Someone (Single)

09:03PM James Brown “Let's Make it” from Let's Make it (Single)

09:06PM James Brown “I know it's true” from I Know It's True (Single)

09:09PM The Chi lites “Have You Seen Her” from Have You Seen Her (Single)

09:12PM The Chi lites “I Want to Pay You Back” from I Want to Pay You Back (Single)

09:15PM Donnie Elbert “Have I Sinned” from Have I sinned (Single)

09:18PM Janis Joplin “bye Bye Baby” from Bye Bye Baby (Single)

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