All Love music in celebration of Valentine's Day play list

Tonight on LA Sounds in celebration of Valentine's Day I'll be playing all love songs including many from my favorite artists including The Beatles, Al Green, Van Morrison, Joe Tex, The Persuasions and some good old doo-wop and cholo music love songs.

Al Green

The Beatles

Aretha Franklin

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 02/14/2017 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Otis Redding “That's How Strong My Love Is” from That's How Strong My Love Is (Single)

07:33PM Otis Redding “For Your Precious Love” from For Your Precious Love (Single)

07:36PM Otis Redding “Nobody can change this love” from Nobody can change this love (Single)

07:39PM Al Green “I'm so in Love with You” from I'm so in Love with You (Single)

07:42PM Al Green “Love and Happiness” from Love and Happiness (Single)

07:45PM Al Green “LOVE” from LOVE (MP3, Single, Private)

07:48PM Alison Kraus “Looking into the eyes of love” from Looking into the eyes of love (Single)

07:51PM Alison Kraus “Love in Vain” from Love in Vain (Single)

07:54PM The Beatles “All You Need Is Love ” from All You Need Is Love (Single)

07:57PM Arthur Alexander “soldier of Love” from Soldier of love (Single)

08:00PM Aretha Franklin “Freeway of love” from Freeway Of Love (Single)

08:03PM Aretha Franklin “Baby i love you” from Baby I Love You (Single)

08:06PM The Beatles “And i love her” from And I Love Her (Single)

08:09PM The Beatles “Can't buy me love” from Can't Buy Me Love (Single)

08:12PM John Lennon “Oh my love” from Oh My Love (Single)

08:15PM The Beatles “Love me do” from Love me do (Single)

08:18PM The Beatles “Sure to Fall (In Love With You) (Live at the BBC For "Pop Go The Beatles" 18th June, 1963)” from Sure to Fall (In Love With You) (Live at the BBC For "Pop Go The Beatles" 18th June, 1963) (Single)

08:21PM The Dubs “Be Sure My Love” from Be Sure My Love (Single)

08:24PM The Chantels “Sure of Love” from Sure Of Love (Single)

08:27PM The Blue Jays “On Lover's Island” from On Lover's Island (Single)

08:30PM Rosie and The Originals “This Is Dedicated to the One I Love” from This is Dedicated to the One I Love (Single)

08:33PM Johnny Ace “Pledging My Love (01-27-1954)” from Pledging My Love (01-27-1954) (Single)

08:36PM The Ladders “My Love is Gone” from My Love is Gone (Single)

08:39PM Frankie and Johnny “my first love” from My First Love (Single)

08:42PM Lazy Lester “Sugar coated love” from Sugar Coated Love (Single)

08:45PM Lazy Lester “I'm a Lover Not a Fighter” from I'M A Lover Not A Fighter (Single)

08:48PM Bonnie Tyler “If I Sing You a Love Song” from If I Sing You a Love Song (Single)

08:51PM Bonnie Raitt Featuring Jon Cleary “I'm In Love Again/All by Myself” from Bonnie Raitt & Friends

08:54PM Bob Marley “Could You be Loved” from Could you be Loved (Single)

08:57PM Billie Holiday “Falling in Love Again” from Falling in Love Again (Single)

09:00PM The Beatles “(You've Got to) Hide Your Love Away” from (You've Got to) Hide Your Love Away (Single)

09:03PM Van Morrison “Warm Love” from Warm Love (Single)

09:06PM Sade “Please Send me someone to love” from Please Send me someone to love (Single)

09:09PM The Persuasions “Chapel of love” from Chapel of Love (Single)

09:12PM Sam Cooke “win Your Love” from Win Your Love (Single)

09:15PM Judy Mayhen “I Keep Singing Love Songs” from I Keep Singing Love Songs (Single)

09:18PM Joe Tex “The Love You Save” from the love you save (Single)

09:21PM James Brown “Love Don't Love Nobody” from Love Don't Love Nobody (Single)

09:24PM Fleetwood Mac “say you love me” from SAY YOU LOVE ME (Single)

09:27PM Deon Jackson “Love Makes the World Go Round” from Love Makes the World Go Round (Single)

09:30PM The Falcons “I Found a Love (feat. Wilson Pickett)” from I Found a Love (feat. Wilson Pickett) (Single)

09:33PM Dionne Warwick “It's Love That Really Counts” from It's Love That Really Counts (Single)

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