January 5, 2017 -- Raising the Next Generation of Activists and Change Makers

00:20 -- Show excitement and review with hosts Guillermo Mash and Alex Kokkinakis for this weeks theme, "Raising the Next Generation of Activists and Change Makers." including a nod to Mr. Rogers
10:00 -- Alex K. interviews Josh and Robin Indar, parents of two boys, one in middle school, the other in high school
13:03 -- Johnny Meehan, Social Worker at 6th Street Center for Youth, in downtown Chico, California and father of a pre-teen aged girl.
14:00 -- Sabrina, Union Organizer with her two young girls ages 5 and 6.

17:00 -- Summary of her pre-recorded pieces by Alex K.
18:30 -- Sabrina and her two kids live in the studio with Alex K.
24:08 -- Sabrina a pre-record with Sabrina with "Conversations with her girls."
26:54  -- Wrap-up with Josh and Robin, on "Conversations with her boys."
33:05 -- Tamra Wich'Ma and her Mom Denise

39:55 -- Sabrina joins the studio conversation with Tamra and Denise
43:00 -- Segment closing comments with Tamra and Denise and a lead-in for the next segment titled, "words of wisdom" and a shout-out by Alex to her mom, who is listening live!
45:30 -- Words of Wisdom with Josh and Robin Indar closing with Johnny Meehan
49:00 -- Johnny Meehan answers the question of, "words of wisdom for someone going into the field of social work with the homeless community and parent to parent conversations with your kids about social issues."
52:30 -- Six young people ages 12 to 17 from Trinity Methodist Church who are involved this year, and past years, at the Annual MLK tribute. This years theme is "What Happened to the Theme: The Fierce Urgency of NOW".

59:05 -- Show closing with Alex and Guillermo.

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