Playlist for Some of the best Latin music there is including Chico's own Los Cabillitos de la Cancion

Los Cabillitos de la Cancion
Tomorrow night 11-20-12 from 7:30-10:00 PM I'll be playing some of the best Latin music ever on "LA Sounds" including Chico's own Los Cabillitos de la Cancion mariachi music. These are some of the best musicians Chico has to offer.

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 11/21/2012 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Malo “Suavecito” from suavecito (Single)

07:33PM Los Cabillitos de la Cancion “Siente Me Amor” from Siente Me Amor (Single)

07:36PM Los Cabillitos de la Cancion “Malguena Salerosa” from Malguena Salerosa (Single)

07:39PM Los Cabillitos de la Cancion “Moliendo Cafe” from Moliendo Cafe (Single)

07:42PM Antonio Aguilar “El Perro Negro” from El Perro Negro (Single)

07:45PM Susana Baca “Coco & Forro” from Coco & Forro (Single)

07:48PM Agustino Y Alma “Quihubo Raza” from Quihubo Raza (Single)

07:51PM Rolsa de Azlan “El Tilingo-Lingo” from El Tilingo-Lingo (Single)

07:54PM Estela Nunez “Una Lagrima De Amor” from Una Lagrima De Amor (Single)

07:57PM Buena Vista Social Club “Havana” from Havana (Single)

08:00PM Buena Vista Social Club “Candela” from Candela (Single)

08:03PM Selena “Baila Esta Cumbia” from Baila Esta Cumbia (Single)

08:06PM The Chieftons and Ry Cooder “Danza de Concheros” from Danza de Concheros (Single)

08:09PM Al Compos “Take This Love of Mine” from Take This Love of Mine (Single)

08:12PM Carlos Guitarlos “Damn' Atchafalaya” from Damn' Atchafalaya (Single)

08:15PM Linda Ronstadt “Siente Me Vida” from Siente Me Vida (Single)

08:18PM Linda Ronsatdt “Carmilita” from Carmilita (Single)

08:21PM El Chicano “One More Night” from One More Night (Single)

08:24PM East LA School of Santa Isabel & Los Lobos “De Colores” from De Colores (Single)

08:27PM Los Cabillitos de la Cancion “El Talisman” from El Talisman (Single)

08:30PM San Antonia Alegre “Me Dolorcita” from Me Dolorcita (Single)

08:33PM Tetro Compensia “El Picket Sign” from El Picket Sign (Single)

08:36PM Don Tosti “Pachuco Boogie” from Pachuco Boogie (Single)

08:39PM Don Tosti “Los Blues” from Los Blues (Single)

08:42PM Liliana Felipe “Cumbia Mangunga” from Cumbia Mangunga (Single)

08:45PM Cornelio Reyna Ramon ayala “Con Esta Cumbia” from Con Esta Cumbia (Single)

08:48PM Los Hermanos Flores “Cumbia Folkloria” from Cumbia Folkloria (Single)

08:51PM Cumbia Che “El Gavilan” from El Gavilan (Single)

08:54PM Cumbia Ebria “Lo Tengo Yo” from Lo Tengo Yo (Single)

08:57PM Texas Tornadoes “A Mover El Bote” from A Mover El Bote (Single)

09:00PM Fender, Freddy “Tu Se Vas (You'll Lose a Good Thing)” from Tu Se Vas (You'll Lose a Good Thing) (Single)

09:03PM Freddy Fender “Tell it like it is” from Tell it like it is (Single)

09:06PM Freddy Fender “Before the Next Teardrop Falls” from Before the Next Teardrop Falls (Single)

09:09PM Son Bolive “Dancondo” from Dancondo (Single)

09:12PM La Sonora Carruseles “El Negro Jose” from El Negro Jose (Single)

09:15PM Fandango USA “La Chaunga” from La Chaunga (Single)

09:18PM Flaco Jimenez “Baile La Gente” from Baile La Gente (Single) 


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