All Beatles tonight play list

I saw Paul McCartney last week and in honor of that tonight on LA Sounds I'll be playing all Beatles music.

Early Beatles

Middle Beatles

Late Beatles

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 10/11/2016 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM The Beatles “another girl” from Another Girl (Single)

07:33PM The Beatles “With a little help from my friends” from With a little help from my friends (Single)

07:36PM The Beatles “I Wanna be Your Man” from I Wanna Be Your Man (Single)

07:39PM The Beatles “yesterday” from Yesterday (Single)

07:42PM The Beatles “Sure to Fall (In Love With You) (Live at the BBC For "Pop Go The Beatles" 18th June, 1963)” from Sure to Fall (In Love With You) (Live at the BBC For "Pop Go The Beatles" 18th June, 1963) (Single)

07:45PM The Beatles “Three Cool Cats” from Three Cool Cats (Single)

07:48PM The Beatles “across the Universe” from across the Universe (Single)

07:51PM The Beatles “Act Naturally” from Act Naturally (Single)

07:54PM The Beatles “All my loving” from All my loving (Single)

07:57PM The Beatles “All You Need Is Love ” from All You Need Is Love (Single)

08:00PM The Beatles “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)” from Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (Single)

08:03PM The Beatles “Rocky Racoon Alternative Version” from Rocky Racoon Alternative Version (Single)

08:06PM The Beatles “blackbird” from blackbird (Single)

08:09PM The Beatles “Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Except for Me and My Monkey)” from Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Except for Me and My Monkey) (Single)

08:12PM The Beatles “Eight days a Week” from EIGHT DAYS A WEEK (Single)

08:15PM The Beatles “Drive my car” from Drive My Car (Single)

08:18PM The Beatles “Got to Admit It's Getting Better” from Got to Admit It's Getting Better (Single)

08:21PM The Beatles “Good day Sunshine” from Good day Sunshine (Single)

08:24PM The Beatles “girl” from Girl (Single)

08:27PM The Beatles “get back German version” from get back German version (Single)

08:30PM The Beatles “dig it” from dig it (Single)

08:33PM The Beatles “something” from something (Single)

08:36PM The Beatles “from Me to You” from From Me to You (Single)

08:39PM The Beatles “Taxman” from Taxman (Single)

08:42PM The Beatles “Helter Skelter” from Helter Skelter (Single)

08:45PM The Beatles “Fool on a Hill” from Fool on a Hill (Single)

08:48PM The Beatles “Fixing a Hole” from Fixing a Hole (Single)

08:51PM The Beatles “Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby” from Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby (Single)

08:54PM The Beatles “Don't Pass Me By” from Don't Pass Me By (Single)

08:57PM The Beatles “don't let me down” from Don't Let Me Down (Single)

09:00PM The Beatles “Devil In Her Heart (The Beatles)” from Devil In Her Heart (The Beatles) (Single)

09:03PM The Beatles “Day tripper” from Day tripper (Single)

09:06PM The Beatles “Can't buy me love” from Can't Buy Me Love (Single)

09:09PM The Beatles “happy birthday” from happy birthday (Single)

09:12PM The Beatles “Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Live at the BBC For "Pop Go The Beatles" 6th August, 1963)” from Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Live at the BBC For "Pop Go The Beatles" 6th August, 1963) (Single)

09:15PM The Beatles “no reply” from no reply (Single)

09:18PM The Beatles “Baby's in Black” from Baby's in Black (Single)

09:21PM The Beatles “Anna (Go to Him)” from Anna (Go To Him) (Single)

09:24PM The Beatles “If I Needed Someone” from If I Needed Someone (Single)

09:27PM The Beatles “If I fell” from If I Fell (Single)

09:30PM The Beatles “I Will” from I Will (Single)

09:33PM The Beatles “I want to hold your hand” from I Want to Hold Your Hand (Single)

09:36PM The Beatles “I Should Have Known better” from I Should Have Known Better (Single)

09:39PM The Beatles “I Saw Her Standing There (Mono)” from I Saw Her Standing There (Mono) (Single)

09:42PM The Beatles “I Need You (Mono)” from I Need You (Mono) (Single)

09:45PM The Beatles “here Comes the Sun” from Here Comes the Sun (Single)

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