Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, The Righteous Brothers, The Temptations and other Soul singers play list

Tonight on "LA Sounds" I'll be playing more Soul music, including Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, The Righteous Brothers, The Temptations, Fleetwood Mac, The Staple Singers, Tina Turner, Joe Tex and other soul Singers.

Ike and Tina Turner

Fleetwood Mac

The Righteous Brothers

07:30PM Ray Charles “Unchain my heart” from UNCHAIN MY HEART (Single)

07:33PM Ray Charles “What'd I Say Parts, 1 & 2” from What'd I Say Parts, 1 & 2 (CD, Single)

07:36PM Little Stevie Wonder “fingertips” from fingertips (Single)

07:39PM Joe Tex “I Want to (Do Everything for You)” from I Want To (Do Everything For You) (Single)

07:42PM Joe Tex “The Love You Save” from the love you save (Single)

07:45PM Fleetwood Mac “You Make Loving Fun” from You Make Loving Fun (Single)

07:48PM Fleetwood Mac “say you love me” from SAY YOU LOVE ME (Single)

07:51PM Fleetwood Mac “Warm Ways” from Warm Ways (Single)

07:54PM Percy Sledge “It Tears Me Up” from It Tears Me Up (Single)

07:57PM Otis Redding “Any Ole Way” from Any Ole Way (Single)

08:00PM Otis Redding “My Love's Prayer” from My Love's Prayer (Single)

08:03PM Otis Redding “I Love You More Than Words Can Say” from I Love You More Than Words Can Say (Single)

08:06PM Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson “Lover's Holiday” from Lover's Holiday (Single, 2011) on Collectables Records

08:09PM Marvin Gaye “You're a Wonderful One” from You're a Wonderful One (Single)

08:12PM Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells “What's the Matter with You Baby” from What's the Matter With You Baby (CD, Single, Private)

08:15PM Marvin Gaye “I'll be Doggoned” from I'll be Doggoned (Single)

08:18PM Arthur Alexander “A Shot of R&B” from A Shot of R&B (Single)

08:21PM Arthur Alexander “Everyday I Have to Cry Some” from Everyday I Have to Cry Some (Single)

08:24PM Betty Everett “I'll Weep No More” from I'll Weep No More (Single)

08:27PM The Righteous Brothers “Something's Got a Hold on Me” from SOMETHING'S GOT a HOLD ON ME (Single)

08:30PM The Righteous Brothers “Fee Fi Fidedly Oh” from Fee Fi Fidedly Oh (Single)

08:33PM The Righteous Brothers “bye bye Love” from Bye Bye Love (Single)

08:36PM The Righteous Brothers “B Flat Blues (Single Version)” from B Flat Blues (Single Version) (Single)

08:39PM The Righteous Brothers “My Babe (Single Version)” from My Babe (Single Version) (Single)

08:42PM The Righteous Brothers “I Just Wanna Make Love to You” from I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Single)

08:45PM Fleetwood Mac “Honey Hi” from Honey Hi (Single)

08:48PM Fleetwood Mac “over My Head” from OVER MY HEAD (Single)

08:51PM Ike and Tina Tuner “Poor Fool” from Poor Fool (Single)

08:54PM Ike and Tina Turner “a Fool In Love” from A Fool In Love (Single)

08:57PM The Temptations “I Want a Love I Can See” from I Want a Love I Can See (Single)

09:00PM The Temptations “don't look back” from don't look back (Single)

09:03PM Otis Redding “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” from Sitting on the Dock of the Bay (Single)

09:06PM Fleetwood Mac “Songbird” from Songbird (Single)

09:09PM Stephanie Mills “Everlasting love” from Everlasting love (Single)

09:12PM Joe Tex “A Woman Can Change a Man” from A Woman Can Change A Man (Single)

09:15PM Marvin Gaye “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)” from Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) (Single)

09:18PM Ike and Tina Turner “rock Me Baby” from ROCK ME BABY (Single)

09:21PM Ike and Tina Tuner “I Need a Man” from I Need a Man (Single)

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