September 23, 2016

Guillermo Mash's last KZFR 90.1 FM Peace and Social Justice show features...

11:30 Sara Rankin, faculty lead for HRAP at Seattle University School of Law, who provides insights into HRAP legal briefs on the criminalization of homeless and the correlation to Business Improvement Districts.

12:10 Professor Rankin is followed by incumbent Chico City Council members Schwab and Ritter discussing a variety of topics including a 10-minute comment segment on Professor Rankin's interview.

12:45 We end the program with a re-broadcast of Bryan Stevenson's words on proximity from his speech this spring at Chico State University. Professor Rankin was a student of Bryan Stevenson's at NYU School of Law.

00:00:00 -- Guilermo Mash Show Introduction
00:00:48 -- Sara Rankin, Faculty Lead for the Homeless Advocacy Projects a Seattle University of Law
00:38:23 -- Ann Schwab and Tami Ritter Chico City Council Members
01:14:24 -- Bryan Stevenson on Proximity

12:07am, 4-19-2018
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