September 9, 2016 -- Phil Elkin, Izeck Hempseed, Jessie Olson (Veteran Voices)

“We've found when soldiers help other soldiers, or military members of any service, it helps them, too.”  -- Valerie Ormond

This week's KZFR Peace and Social Justice Show is dedicated to the "Voice of the Veteran" a program of the Chico Peace & Justice Center that returns to Chico State Campus this fall after a successful launch on campus this past spring. Our guests this week comprise the fall speaker lineup with Phil Elkins, Guillermo Mash,and Jessie A Olson. We also welcome Izeck Hempseed, U.S. Marine veteran who provides a thumbnail on his seperience in the marines along with logistics for the speaker series. 

0:00:00 - Introduction songs by Jimmy Cliff (Vietnam) and Johnny Cash (Drive on)
0:04:37 - Show rundown
0:05:39 - Forward-promo for the Chico-350 nationwide action Stop the Pipeline!
0:06:27 - Lisa West from the El Rey Theatre Alliance on actions to save the El Rey
0:10:47 - Phil Elkins (the Cholo days)
0:27:59 - Big Amos (Going to Vietnam)
0:30:52 - Phil Elkins Running from the Fire and Coming Home
0:58:00 - Jessie A. Olson United States Army
1:10:25 - Studio comments on Jessie A. Olson's segment
1:13:46 - Izeck Hempseed's short bio on his service in the United States Marine
1:18:38 - Logistics for the upcoming Voice of the Veteran series at Chico State
1:21:38 - Phil Ochs (Draft Dodger Rag)

2:41am, 5-7-2018
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