I'll play some Cholo music I grew up with and some other Latino music play list

07:30PM The Chantels “He's Gone (1957)” from He's Gone (1957) (Single)

07:33PM The Chantels “I Love You So” from I LOVE YOU SO (Single)

07:36PM The Chantels “Maybe (Chantels)” from Maybe (Chantels) (Single)

07:39PM Con Safos “Con Safos” from Con Safos (Single)

07:42PM Bertha Tillman “Oh My Angel” from Oh my angel (Single)

07:45PM Rosie and The Originals “My Darling Forever” from My Darling Forever (Single)

07:48PM Rosie & Ron “So Dearly.” from So Dearly. (Single)

07:51PM Rosie & Ron “Bring Me Happiness” from Bring Me Happiness (Single)

07:54PM Randy Gariby “Where Are They Now” from Where Are they Now (Single)

07:57PM The Primiers “Valerie” from Valerie (Single)

08:00PM Rosie and The Originals “If You Should Lose Me” from If You Should Lose Me (Single)

08:03PM James Brown “Please Please Please” from Please Please Please (Single)

08:06PM James Brown & His Famous Flames “i Don't Mind” from i Don't Mind (Single)

08:09PM James Brown & His Famous Flames “i don't know” from i don't know (Single)

08:12PM Frankie & Johnny “my first love” from My First Love (Single)

08:15PM Eve Monsees “Lonely Lonely Nights” from Lonely Lonely Nights (Single)

08:18PM El Chicano “One More Night” from One More Night (Single)

08:21PM Los Alvarados “Yo Soy Chicano” from Yo Soy Chicano (Single)

08:24PM Malo “"Suavecito"” from "Suavecito" (Single)

08:27PM The Mavericks “La Mucara” from La Mucara (CD, Single, Private)

08:30PM Tortilla Pete “Corrido Rock Parts 1 & 2” from Corrido Rock Parts 1 & 2 (Single)

08:33PM Celia Cruz “Guantanamera (Live)” from Guantanamera (Live) (Single)

08:36PM Charlie Palmieri & His Orchestra “Fiesta a la King” from Fiesta a la King (Single)

08:39PM La Senora Dinamita “El Negro José (Candombé Para Jose)” from Cumbia Essentials

08:42PM Freddy Fender “Tell It Like It Is (Live Version)” from Tell It Like It Is (Live Version) (Single)

08:45PM Freddy Fender “Waisted Days and Wasted Nights” from Waisted Days and Wasted Nights (Single)

08:48PM Linda Ronstandt “Carmalita” from Carmalita (Single)

08:51PM Linda Ronstandt “Lo Siento Mi Vida” from Lo Siento Mi Vida (Single)

08:54PM Linda Ronstandt “Tu Solo Tu” from Tu Solo Tu (Single)

08:57PM Texas Tornadoes “Mi Mornita” from Mi Mornita (Single)

09:00PM Linda Ronstandt “Las Laureles” from Las Laureles (Single)

09:03PM Linda Ronstandt “El Sol Que Em Desperta (feat. Maria Dolors Laffitte)” from El Sol Que Em Desperta (feat. Maria Dolors Laffitte) (Single)

09:06PM Linda Ronstandt “La Cigarra” from La Cigarra (Single)

09:09PM Texas Tornadoes “Ta Bueno Compadre” from Ta Bueno Compadre (Single)

09:12PM Texas Tornadoes “Esta Burno” from Esta Burno (Single)

09:15PM East LA School of Santa Isabel & Los Lobos “De colores” from De Colores (Single)

09:18PM Don Tosti “Pachuco Boogie” from Pachuco Boogie (Single)

09:21PM Don Tosti “Chicano Boogie” from Chicano Boogie (Single)

09:24PM Texas Tornadoes “Hey Baby Que Paso” from Hey baby Que Paso (Single)

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