July 15, 2016

The KZFR Peace and Social Justice Show shifts gears from last weeks show on Solutions to Homelessness around the Country, and how the media is covering it, to focus on organizations, media and people experiencing homelessness in Butte County California. With Stairways ProgrammingFacing HomelessnessChico News & ReviewChico Peace & Justice Center , KZFR 90.1 FM and Without a Roof

0:00:00 -- Rex Holbein from Facing Homelessness in Seattle
0:15:07 -- Stairways Programming with Executive Director Michael Maderios and board member Joe Montes 
0:37:22 -- Michael Maderios Personal Statement
0:50:30 -- Follow-up to the Maderios Statement with Joe Montes, Michael Maderios and host Guillermo Mash
1:09:02 -- Julie Vigeant, homeless and needing help
1:20:06 -- Beth homeless and having a blessed day at the Chico Peace and Justice Center

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