Cholo music I grew up with, Chuck Berry, Delbert McClinton and reading some "Coming Home from the War." play list

Tuesday night on "LA Sounds" I'll be playing some Chuck Berry, some Delbert McClinton, some of the cholo music I grew up with and I'll read some more of my book, "Coming Home from the War" at 8:30.

East LA cholo style

Chuck Berry

Delbert McClinton

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 07/12/2016 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Aaron Neville “doo wop medley” from doo wop medley (Single)

07:33PM Alfred & Joe “Darling Dear” from Darling Dear (Single)

07:36PM The Whispers “As I Sit Here” from As I Sit Here (Single)

07:39PM The Attributres “Oh What a Night” from Oh What a Night (Single)

07:42PM Marvin Gaye “Hitch Hike” from Hitch Hike (Single)

07:45PM The Supremes “Come See About Me” from Come See About Me (Single)

07:48PM Marvin Gaye “Pride & Joy” from Pride & Joy (Single)

07:51PM The Supremes “Some Day We'll be Together” from Some Day We'll be Together (Single)

07:54PM The Superbs “Baby Baby All the Time” from Baby Baby all the Time (Single)

07:57PM Brenton Wood “Sitting in the Park” from Sitting in the Park (Single)

08:00PM Brenton Wood “darlin'” from DARLIN' (Single)

08:03PM Brenda Holloway “Every Little Bit Hurts” from Every Little Bit Hurts (Single)

08:06PM Brenda and the Tabulations “dry Your Eyes” from Dry Your Eyes (Single, 1967) on Jamie Record Co.

08:09PM The Blue Jays “On Lover's Island” from On Lover's Island (Single)

08:12PM James Powell “Beverly Angel (Remastered)” from Beverly Angel (Remastered) (Single)

08:15PM Barbara Lynn “Lonely Heartaches” from Lonely Heartaches (Single)

08:18PM Spot Bernett and Friends “Bad Little Boy” from Bad Little Boy (Single)

08:21PM East LA Cholitos “As time goes by” from As time goes by (Single)

08:24PM The Avons “whisper” from Whisper (Single)

08:27PM Rochell and the Candels “A Long Time Ago” from A Long Time Ago (Single)

08:30PM Hollywood Saxons “iT's You” from It's you (Single)

08:33PM Chuck Berry “Nadine (Is It You)” from Nadine (Is It You) (Single)

08:36PM Chuck Berry “Rockin' & Reelin'” from Rockin' & Reelin' (Single)

08:39PM Chuck Berry “memphis” from memphis (Single)

08:42PM Chuck Berry “Talking about You” from Talking About You (Single)

08:45PM Chuck Berry “Havana Moon” from Havana Moon (Single)

08:48PM Chuck Berry “come on” from Come On (Single)

08:51PM Chuck Berry “Too Much Monkey Business” from Too Much Monkey Business (Single)

08:54PM Delbert McClinton “Lone Star Blues” from Lone Star Blues (Single)

08:57PM Delbert McClinton “Don't Turn Your Heater Down” from Don't Turn Your Heater Down (Single)

09:00PM Delbert McClinton “Blues About You Baby” from Blues About You Baby (Single)

09:03PM Delbert McClinton “When Rita Leaves” from When Rita Leaves (Single)

09:06PM Delbert McClinton “Somebody to love” from Somebody to Love (Single)

09:09PM Delbert McClinton “I've Got Dreams to Remember” from I've Got Dreams to Remember (Single)

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