Part 2 of music during the Vietnam War play list

This is the week I first arrived in Vietnam so Tuesday night on "LA Sounds" I'll be playing part 2 some of the music that was playing during the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam War protest

Phil post Vietnam 1982

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 06/14/2016 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Youngbloods, The “get together” from get together (Single)

07:33PM Scott McKenzie “San Francisco (Be sure to wear some Flowers in your Hair)” from San Francisco (Be sure to wear some Flowers in your Hair) (Single)

07:36PM Harry Nielson “Everybody's Talking at Me” from Everybody's Talking at Me (Single)

07:39PM The Bealtes “Revolution” from Revolution (Single)

07:42PM Big Amons “Going to Vietnam” from Going to Vietnam (Single)

07:45PM Billy Joel “Goodnight Saigon” from Goodnight Saigon (Single)

07:48PM Bob Dylan “Let Me Die In My Footsteps” from Let Me Die in my Footsteps (Single)

07:51PM Fredia Payne “Bring the Boys Home” from Bring the Boys Home (Single)

07:54PM Otis Redding “Pain in My Heart” from Pain in my Heart (Single)

07:57PM Otis Redding “Champagne and Wine” from Champagne and Wine (Single)

08:00PM Grace Slick “White Rabbit Live” from White Rabbit Live (Single)

08:03PM Jefferson Ariplane “Volunteers of America” from Volunteers of America (Single)

08:09PM CSNY “4 dead in Ohio” from 4 dead in Ohio (Single)

08:12PM Walter Cronkite and JFK “Interview JFK about Vietnam” from Interview JFK about Vietnam (Single)

08:15PM Mohamand Ali “interview with Henry Cooper” from interview with Henry Cooper (Single)

08:18PM Cassius Clay “Poetry” from Poetry (Single)

08:21PM Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter” from Gimme Shelter (Single)

08:24PM bruce Springsteen “Born in the U.s.a.” from Born In the U.S.A. (Other, Single, Rock, 1984) on columbia

08:27PM Cheech and Chong “Born in East LA” from Born in East LA (Single)

08:30PM Otis Redding “Direct Me” from Direct Me (Single)

08:33PM Thelma Houston “Don't Cry Soldier” from Don't Cry Soldier (Single)

08:36PM The Impressions “Don't Cry Baby” from Don't Cry Baby (Single)

08:39PM Cat Stevens “Peace Train” from Peace Train (Single)

08:42PM Credence Clearwater Revival “Born on the Bayou” from Born on the Bayou (Single)

08:45PM Edwin Starr “War” from War (Single)

08:48PM Leon Russell “Down on the Base” from Down on the Base (Single)

08:51PM The Doors “The Unknown Soldier” from The Unknown Soldier (Single)

08:54PM John Prine “Spanish Pipe dream” from Spanish Pipedream (Single)

08:57PM Phil Ochs “Draft Dodger Rag” from Draft Dodger Rag (Single)

09:00PM Tom Paxton and Pete Seeger “Peace Will Come” from Peace Will Come (Single)

09:03PM Steppenwolf “Magic Carpet Ride” from Magic Carpet Ride (Single)

09:06PM Rolling Stones “Salt of the Earth” from Salt Of The Earth (Single)

09:09PM Rolling Stones “Paint it Black” from Paint it Black (Single)

09:12PM Janis Joplin “Me and Bobby McGee” from Me and Bobby McGee (Single)

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