Voting Primer with Monica Bell; Eartha Shanti; Mauna Kea/Sacred Mountain; Paula McAvoy with Laurel Avalon; Robert Jones

Governance in the Voting Booth and Beyond

Voting Day Primer with Monica Bell, Self Rule with Chico's own peace maker and teacher, Eartha Shanti, and Sacred Mountain - report on direct action to protect indigenous Hawaiian Sacred site: Mauna Kea. 

The Political ClassroomAuthor Paula McAvoy discusses how schools can prepare students to become knowledgeable and engaged citizens of our democracy.   How do we encourage student deliberation about controversial public issues and why is it urgent for us to do so?

Animal Rights as a Social Justice Issue

Dr. Robert Jones defines and discusses the pervasiveness of "speciesism".  Social justice movements routinely ignore the violence, exploitation, domination and objectification of non-human species.  Why animal rights matter to the future of peace and social justice on our planet.  

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