Horace Silver

Joey Baron “Mighty Fine” from Down Home (1997)
Horace Silver “Que Pasa” from Song for My Father (1965)
Bill Cunliffe “Mary Lou's Blues” from The Blues and the Abstract Truth , Take 2 (2008)
Andrew Hill “Tired Trade” from Black Fire (1963)
Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers “Doodlin'” from Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers (1955)
Horace Silver “Blowin' The Blues Away” from Blowiin' The Blues Away (1959)
Horace Silver “The Natives Are Restless Tonight” from Song for My Father (1965)
Andrew Hill “Golden Spook” from Blue Black (1975)
Tierney Sutton “Happy Days Are Here Again” from On The Other Side (2007)
Tierney Sutton “Autumn Leaves” from Blue in Green (2001)
Tierney Sutton “Comes Love” from Something Cool (2002)
Beastie Boys “Ricky's Theme” from The In Sound From Way Out! (1996)
Tristeza “Liquid Pyramids” from A Colores (Expanded Edition) (2005)
Elmo Hope “When The Groove Is Low” from Here's Hope (1962)
Elmo Hope “Hot Sauce” from Here's Hope (1962)
Mike Watt “No One Says Old Man (To the Old Man)” from Contemplating the Engine Room (1997)
Tortoise “Everglade” from TNT (1999)
Horace Silver “Lonely Woman” from Song for My Father (1965)
Horace Silver “Sister Sadie” from Blowin' the Blues Away (1959)
Stanley Clarke “Song to John Part 2” from Journey to Love (1975)
Andrew Hill “Erato” from Pax (1965)

 — with Tierney Sutton.

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