Sr Felipe subbing on American Pastimes for Tom Leonardi play list

Today on "American Pastimes" I'll be subbing for Tom Leonardi playing Folk and bludgrass music from 8th Avenue String Band, Alison Krauss, Bill Monroe, Bob Dylan, Buffy St Marie, Dave Van Ronk, Eric Anderson, Eva Cassidy, Gillian  Welch, Gordon Lightfoot, INcrediable String Band, Jesse Winchester, Stanley Brothers and Vern & Ray streamed live 3-5 PM on and broadcast on 90.1 FM Chico.

Phil at the Veterans Memorial near Mt Shasta

American Pastimes (Music) with Sr Felipe 07/16/2014 03:00PM to 05:00PM

03:00PM Leonard Cohen “First We Take Manhattan” from First We Take Manhattan (Single)

03:03PM 8th Avenue String Band “Living The Right Life Now” from Living the Right Life Now (Single)

03:06PM 8th Avenue String Band “Think of What You've Done” from Think of What You've Done (Single)

03:09PM Alecia Nugent “Hillbilly Goddess” from Hillbilly Goddess (Single, 2009) on Universal Music Group International

03:12PM Robert Plant and Alison Krauss “In the Morning, In the Night” from In the Morning, In the Night (Single)

03:15PM Dave Van Ronk “Freddie” from Freddie (Single)

03:18PM Bill Monroe “A Voice from High” from A Voice from High (Single)

03:21PM Vince Gill “Go Rest High On That Mountain” from Go Rest High On That Mountain (Single)

03:24PM Bill Monroe “Just Over in the Gloryland” from Just Over in the Gloryland (Single)

03:27PM Bob Dylan “Only A Hobo” from Only a Hobo (Single)

03:30PM Buffy St. Marie “You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond” from You're Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond (Single)

03:33PM Buffy St. Marie “Many A Mile” from Many a Mile (Single)

03:36PM Vern & Ray “HOW MANY TIMES” from How Many Times (Single)

03:42PM Vern & Ray “Happy I'll Be” from Happy I'll Be (Single)

03:45PM Catfish Keith “She's a Hum Dum Dinger from Dingersville” from She's a Hum Dum Dinger from Dingersville (Single)

03:48PM Dave Van Ronk “Baby, Let Me Lay It On You” from Baby, Let Me Lay It On You (Single)

03:51PM Del McCoury “Delma Blue” from Delma Blue (Single)

03:54PM Eric Anderson “Thirsty Boots” from Thirsty Boots (Single)

03:57PM Eva Cassidy “Hallelujah I Love Him So” from Hallelujah I Love Him So (Single)

04:00PM Mark Knopfler “Prarie Wedding” from Prarie Wedding (Single)

04:03PM Ricky Skaggs “I AM a Pilgrim” from I AM a Pilgrim (Single)

04:06PM The Johnson Mt Boys “Say You'll Take Me Back” from Say You'll Take Me Back (Single)

04:09PM The Johnson Mt Boys “My Better Years” from My Better Years (Single)

04:12PM The Stanley Brothers “Shouting on the Hill of Glory” from Shouting on the Hill of Glory (Single)

04:15PM Reno & Smiley “Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die” from don't let your sweet love die (Single)

04:18PM Gordon Lightfoot “Christian Island” from Christian Island (Single)

04:21PM Jesse Winchester “I Turn To My Guitar” from I Turn to My Guitar (Single)

04:24PM Bob Dylan & Joan Baez “Daddy You've Been on My Mind” from Daddy You've Been on My Mind (Single)

04:27PM The Incredible String Band “Air” from Air (Single)

04:30PM The Incredible String Band “Log Cabin Home In the Sky” from Log Cabin Home In the Sky (Single)

04:33PM Jim & Jesse “Knell at the Cross” from Knell at the Cross (Single)

04:36PM Jim Kweskin & Marilym Kweskin “I Ain't Never Been Satisfied” from I Ain't Never Been Satisfied (Single)

04:39PM John Prine “Fish And Whistle” from Fish and Whistle (Single)

03:00PM Joni Mitchell “Willy” from Willy (Single)

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