The Best of LA Sounds play list

Tonight on "LA Sounds" I'll be playing some of my favorite music including some boogie woogie, Buddy Holly, Buffalo Springfield, Doors, Dr John, Elvis Presley, Etta James,  Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Persuasions, Paul Simon, Delbert McClinton, some Do-wop and some Gospel music.

LA's best

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 06/10/2014 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Tractors “Baby Likes to Rock It” from Baby Likes to Rock It (Single)

07:33PM Aretha Frankin “Freeway Of Love” from Freeway of Love (Single)

07:36PM Jimmy Reed “Boogie Woogie” from Boogie Woogie (Single)

07:39PM Albert Ammons & Pete Johnson “Barrel House Boogie” from Barrel House Boogie (Single)

07:42PM Etta James “Don't Cay Baby” from Don't Cay Baby (Single)

07:45PM Rosie and The Originals “I'm So Young” from I'm So Young (Single)

07:48PM Rosie and The Originals “Lonely Blue Nights” from Lonely Blue Nights (Single)

07:51PM Rosie and The Originals “ANGEL BABY Acapella” from ANGEL BABY Acapella (Single)

07:54PM Buddy Holly “Oh Boy!” from Oh Boy! (Single)

07:57PM Buddy Knox “Endless Sleep” from Endless Sleep (Single)

08:00PM Dr John “Such a Night” from Such a Night (Single)

08:03PM Elvis Presley “Bossa Nova Baby” from Bossa Nova Baby (Single)

08:06PM Elvis Presley “Treat Me Nice” from Treat Me Nice (Single)

08:09PM Elvis Presley “LOVING YOU” from Loving You (Single)

08:12PM Dr John “Why Come” from Why Come (Single)

08:15PM Barbara Lynn “Lonely Heartaches” from Lonely Heartaches (Single)

08:18PM Delbert McClinton “Living It Down” from Living It Down (Single)

08:21PM Delbert McClinton “Leap Of Faith” from Leap Of Faith (Single)

08:24PM The Drifters & Clyde Mc Phatter “Drip Drop” from Drip Drop (Single)

08:27PM The Holmes Brothers “Ain't It Funny What a Fool Will Do” from Ain't It Funny What a Fool Will Do (Single)

08:30PM The Holmes Brothers “Those Memories of You (feat. Joan Osborne)” from Those Memories of You (feat. Joan Osborne) (Single)

08:33PM The Holmes Brothers “I Want You To Want Me” from I Want You To Want Me (Single)

08:36PM The Holmes Brothers “I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You (feat. Rosanne Cash)” from I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You (feat. Rosanne Cash) (Single)

08:39PM Bobby Patterson “Everybody Got a Little Devil in Them” from Everybody Got a Little Devil in Them (Single)

08:42PM Bobby Patterson “Let Me Heal It” from Let Me Heal It (Single)

08:45PM The Doors “The Crystal Ship” from The Crystal Ship (Single)

08:48PM The Doors “SOUL KITCHEN” from SOUL KITCHEN (Single)

08:51PM Delbert McClintin “When Rita Leaves” from When Rita Leaves (Single)

08:54PM Delbert McClintin “Coming on Strong” from Coming on Strong (Single)

08:57PM The Everly Brothers “Should We Tell Him?” from Should We Tell Him? (Single)

09:00PM Dr John “I Don't Wanna Know” from I Don't Wanna Know (Single)

09:03PM Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley “Be Bop A Lu La” from Be Bop a Lu La (Single)

09:06PM Elvis Presley “Good Rockin' Tonight” from Good Rockin' Tonight (Other, Single, Private, 1954) on Sun

09:09PM Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Karl Perkins “PARALYZED” from PARALYZED (Single)

09:12PM Elvis Presley “Shopping Around” from Shopping Around (Single)

09:15PM Talk of the Town with Jerry Lawson “He Give Us All His Love” from He Give Us All His Love (Single)

09:18PM Talk of the Town with Jerry Lawson “Woke Up This Morning” from Woke Up This Morning (Single)

09:21PM Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers “Jesus Gave Me Water” from Jesus Gave Me Water (Single)

09:24PM Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers “I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always)” from I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always) (Single)

09:27PM Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers “Meet Me at Mary's Place” from Meet Me at Mary's Place (Single)

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