Jackie, Michael, Betty & Cecil

Jackie Mclean “Goin' Away Blues” from Bluesnik (1961)

Jackie Mclean “Melonae's Dance” from Jackie's Bag (1960)

Jackie Mclean “Esoteric” from Destination Out! (1963)

Michael Blake “Surfing Sahara” from Elevated (2002)

Michael Blake “Lanquidity” from Blake Tartare (2004)

Michael Blake “Cuban Sandwich” from Blake Tartare (2004)

Betty Carter “I Can't Help It” from Out There (1958)

Betty Carter “Foul Play” from Out There (1958)

Betty Carter “For You” from The Modern Sound of Betty Carter (1960)

Jackie Mclean “Street Singer” from Jackie's Bag (1960)

Jackie Mclean “Melody For Melonae” from Let Freedom Ring (1962)

Sidney Bechet & Muggsy Spanier “Sugar” from Double Dixie

Sidney Bechet & Muggsy Spanier “At the Darktown Strutters Ball” from Double Dixie

Michael Blake “Feast” from Blake Tartare (2004)

Michael Blake “Neil's Toy Train” from Blake Tartare (2004)

Michael Blake “Calypso Minor” from Elevated (2002)

Cecil McBee “Tight Squeeze” from Unspoken (1996)

Cecil McBee “Slippin'n Slidin'” from Unspoken (1996)

Betty Carter “East of the Sun” from I'm Yours, You're Mine (1996)

Cecil McBee “Unspoken” from Unspoken (1996)


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