Elmore James, Big Joe Turner, Koko Taylor and my favorite blues artists including Lazy Lester who I'll be talking to on the phone live play list.

Tuesday night on "LA Sounds" I'll be talking to Lazy Lester live on the phone and playing the blues by of my favorite artists like Big Joe Turner, Blue Lu Barker, Bo Carter, Brownie & Sunny, Elmore James, Howlin' Wolf, JB Lenoir, John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Delbert McClinton, Eric Clapton, Keb Mo, Koko Taylor, Little Willie John, Taj Mahal and, of course, some of my favorite old 45 records.

Lazy Lester

Elmore James

Koko Taylor

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 03/01/2016 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Billy Ward And The Dominoes “60 Minute Man” from 60 Minute Man (Single)

07:33PM The Isley Brothers “You'll Never Leave Him” from You'll Never Leave Him (Single)

07:36PM The Isley Brothers “Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go” from Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go (Single)

07:39PM Koko Taylor “Flamin' Mamie” from Flamin' Mamie (Single)

07:42PM Alvan Boze “Blow Man Blow” from Blow Man Blow (Single)

07:45PM Arthur Big Boy Cruddup “That's Alright, Mama” from That's Alright, Mama (Single)

07:48PM Babe Stovall “Cc Rider (Live)” from Cc Rider (Live) (Single)

07:51PM Bo Diddley “I'm a Man” from I'm a man (Single)

07:54PM Bo Carter “Be My Salty Dog” from Be My Salty Dog (Single)

07:57PM Blue Lu Barker “Georgie Grind (04-20-39)” from Georgie Grind (04-20-39) (Single)

08:00PM Billy Boy Arnold “Cryin' & Pleadin'” from Cryin' & Pleadin' (Single)

08:03PM Big Joe Turner “Piney Brown Blues” from Piney Brown Blues (Single)

08:06PM Big Bill Broonzy “I Can't be Satisfied” from I Can't be Satisfied (Single)

08:09PM Big Bill Brooney “Digging My Potatoes” from Digging My Potatoes (Single)

08:12PM BB King “When Your Baby Packs up and Goes” from When Your Baby Packs up and Goes (Single)

08:15PM Bea Brooze “Cc rider” from Cc rider (Single)

08:18PM Lightin Hopkins “Boom Boom” from Boom Boom (Single)

08:21PM BB King “Paying the Cost to Be the Boss” from Paying the Cost to Be the Boss (Single)

08:24PM Lazy Lester “Whoa Now” from Whoa Now (Single)

08:27PM Lazy Lester “Strange Things Happen” from Strange Things Happen (Single)

08:30PM Lazy Lester “Come on Home” from Come on Home (Single)

08:33PM Lazy Lester “Scratch my Back” from Scratch My Back (Single)

08:36PM Lazy Lester “They Call me Lazy” from They Call Me Lazy (Single)

08:39PM Lazy Lester “You Better Listen” from You Better Listen (Single, Blues, 2011) on Bluestown Records

08:42PM Lazy Lester “Ya ya” from Ya Ya (Single)

08:45PM Lazy Lester “Sugar Coated Love (Original vinyl version: Take 1)” from Sugar Coated Love (Original vinyl version: Take 1) (Single)

08:48PM Sonny Boy Williamson “Bring it on Home to You” from Bring it on Home to You (Single)

08:51PM Bonnie Raitt “Round and Round” from Round and Round (Single)

08:54PM Bonnie Raitt “Bout Ready to Leave Home” from Bout Ready to Leave Home (Single)

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