Randy & Larry

Stanley Turrentine “Stan's Shuffle” from Easy Walker (1966)
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra “Agra” from The Far East Suite Special Mix (1966)
Billie Holiday & Lester Young “Who Wants Love” from A Musical Romance (2002)
Michel Camilo “Mongo's Blues” from Live At the Blue Note (2003)
Larry Coryell “Compulsion” from Inner Urge (2001)
Randy Weston “The Healer” from Zep Tepi (2006)
Randy Weston “African Village Bedford-Stuyvesant 2” from The Spirits of Our Ancestors (1992)
Larry Coryell “The Dragon's Gate” from Laid Back and Blues (2006)
Larry Coryell “Bahian Night Walk” from Live from Bahia (1995)
Billie Holiday & Lester Young “I Must Have That Man” from A Musical Romance (2002)
Jimmy Mcgriff “McGriff Avenue” from McGriff Avenue (2002)
Stanley Turrentine “Caravan” from If I Could (1993)
Charlie Rouse & Sahib Shihab “Bohemia After Dark” from Soul Mates (1988)
Charlie Rouse & Sahib Shihab “Dida” from Soul Mates (1988)
Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker “An Unfinished Woman” from Carnegie Hall Concert (1974)
Bill Frisell “Blues Dream” from Blues Dream (2001)
Bruce MacMillan, Jonathan Stoyanoff & Calvin Daley “Havona” from Live at 1st Monday Jazz (2012)
Larry Coryell “Terrain” from Inner Urge (2001)


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