Time and Money Part 2 play list

Tonight "LA Sounds" will be all music about time and money Part 2

I'll be playing all music about money and time including Alison Krauss, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Carla Thomas, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Diana Krall, Dionne Warwick, Doris Day, Dr John, Freddy Fender, Ike and Tina Turner, Jim Croce, Lind Ronstadt, Louis Prima, Lyle Lovett, Mary Wells,  Roberta Flack, Steely Dan, The Zombies and of course some cholo music.

"LA Sounds" is broadcast live on 90.1 FM Chico, CA and streamed live every Tuesday night 7:30-10:00 PM on KZFR.org

·  What is the largest amount of money you would pay to be one year younger? One day younger? Is the first number about 365 times the second number?

·  What is the smallest amount of money you would accept to be one year older? One day older? Are your answers about the same as for those in the earlier questions?

·  What is the smallest amount of money (after tax) that you would accept to work for one hour, in a job you don't enjoy, which doesn't help you develop skills or move you in the direction of your dreams?

·  What is the most you would pay someone to do an hour of your errands that you don't enjoy?

All music about time and money

"LA Sounds" is broadcast live on 90.1 FM Chico, CA and streamed live every Tuesday night 7:30-10:00 PM on KZFR.org

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 04/08/2014 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Otis Redding “I'Ve Been Loving You Too Long” from I've Been Loving You Too Long (Single)

07:33PM Billie Holiday “Having Myself a Time” from Having Myself a Time (Single)

07:36PM Bessie Smith “Hard Time Blues” from Hard Time Blues (Single)

07:39PM All Star Backing Tracks “As Time Goes By (Backing Track With Background Vocals)” from As Time Goes By (Backing Track With Background Vocals) (Single)

07:42PM AL URBAN “Lookin' for Money” from Lookin' for Money (Single)

07:45PM Alison Krauss “Every Time You Say Goodbye” from Every Time You Say Goodbye (Single)

07:48PM Brenton Wood “Two Time Loser” from Two Time Loser (Single)

07:51PM Bobby Rydell “Kissing Time” from Kissing Time (Single)

07:54PM Bar Jay Wranglers “One Day at a Time” from One Day at a Time (Single)

07:57PM Bob Marley “Hallelujah Time” from Hallelujah Time (Single)

08:00PM BoB & Dylan “Most of the Time” from Most of the Time (Single)

08:03PM Beatles “Not a Second Time” from Not a Second Time (Single)

08:06PM Bobby Machon “There's Something On Your Mind, Pt. 1 & 2” from There's Something On Your Mind, Pt. 1 & 2 (Single)

08:09PM Jesse Belvin “She's Gone” from She's Gone (Single)

08:12PM The Chantels “MEMORIES” from MEMORIES (Single)

08:15PM The Chantels “He's Gone” from He's Gone (Single)

08:18PM George Jones and Tammy Wynette “I've Got Time” from I've Got Time (Single)

08:21PM Freddy Fender “Just A Moment Of Your Time” from Just A Moment Of Your Time (Single)

08:24PM Eric Bibb “Needed Time” from Needed Time (Single)

08:27PM Rufus Thomas & Carla Thomas “Night Time is the Right Time” from Night Time is the Right Time (Single)

08:30PM Bob Dylan “In My Time of Dyin” from In My Time of Dyin (Single)

08:33PM CSNY “Long Time Gone” from Long Time Gone (Single)

08:36PM Beatles “Taxman” from Taxman (Single)

08:39PM Byrds “Turn, Turn,Turn” from Turn, Turn,Turn (Single)

08:42PM Ronnie Cook & The Superbs “Baby Baby All The Time” from Baby Baby all the Time (Single)

08:45PM Five Blind Boys of Alabama “This May Be the Last Time” from This May Be the Last Time (Single)

08:48PM Delbert McClinton “Everytime I Roll the Dice” from Everytime I Roll the Dice (Single)

08:51PM John Prine & Lucinda Williams “Wedding Bell Blues” from Wedding Bell Blues (Single)

08:54PM Diana Krall “Baby Baby All The Time” from Baby Baby All the Time (Single)

08:57PM James Brown “Maybe The Last Time” from Maybe the Last Time (Single)

09:00PM Marvin Gaye and Mary Wells “ONCE UPON A TIME” from once upon a time (Single)

09:03PM Lyle Lovett “MONEY” from MONEY (Single)

09:06PM Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats “Lovin' Time” from Lovin' Time (Single)

09:09PM Willie Nelson and Lucinda Williams “OverTime” from OverTime (Single)

09:12PM Patti Labelle “It's Been a Long Time” from It's Been a Long Time (Single)

09:15PM The Kendalls “Cryin' Time” from Cryin' Time (Single)

09:18PM Johnny Cash & Mia Johnson “Time's A Wastin'” from Time's a Wastin' (Single)

09:21PM Joe Ancona “After All This Time” from After All This Time (Single)

09:24PM Dionne Warwick “Any Old Time of Day” from Any Old Time of Day (Single)

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