Do Wop, The Girl Groups, Lazy Lester and Hank Williams Sr Play list

Tonight on "LA Sounds" I'll be playing some Do-Wop music that my good buddy, Bobby Martinez, who I grew up with in East LA sent me, and some Desmond Decker, Hank Williams Sr, Tom Waits, Lazy Lester, Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers, the Ronnettes, the Chiffons, the Supremes and The Marvelettes and Billly Holiday."

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The Ronnettes

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 01/21/2014 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM The Embers “My Dearest Darling” from My Dearest Darling (Single)

07:33PM Norman Fox And Rob Roys “Tell Me Why” from Tell Me Why (Single)

07:36PM Johnny Maestro and The Crests “My Juanita” from My Juanita (Single)

07:39PM The Rolling Stones “Send It To Me” from Send It To Me (Single)

07:42PM The Heptones “I Need a Fat Girl” from I Need a Fat Girl (Single)

07:45PM Buddy Lucas “The Gee Gee Wall” from The Gee Gee Wall (Single)

07:48PM Charlie Feathers & His Musical Warriors “Bottle to the Baby (Alternate Take)” from Bottle to the Baby (Alternate Take) (Single)

07:51PM Billie Holiday “All of Me” from All of Me (Single)

07:54PM Billie Holiday “Three Years Kisses” from Three Years Kisses (Single)

07:57PM Du Mauriers “BABY I LOVE YOU” from BABY I LOVE YOU (Single)

08:00PM Billy Lee Riley “Trouble Bound” from Trouble Bound (Single)

08:03PM Lee Allen “Bee Hive” from Bee Hive (Single)

08:06PM Richard Berry “Have Love Will Travel” from Have Love Will Travel (Single)

08:09PM The Chilites “Have You Seen Her?” from Have You Seen Her? (Single)

08:12PM The Chiffons “One Fine Day” from One Fine Day (Single)

08:15PM Richard Berry “LOUIE LOUIE” from Louie Louie (Single)

08:18PM Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis “Sitting in Limbo” from Sitting in Limbo (Single)

08:21PM Lazy Lester “Jailhouse Wall” from Jailhouse Wall (Single)

08:24PM Lazy Lester “Irene (Original vinyl version: Take 3)” from Irene (Original vinyl version: Take 3) (Single)

08:27PM The Romancers “House Cat” from House Cat (Single)

08:30PM The Supremes & Diana Ross “Standing at the Crossroads of Love” from Standing at the Crossroads of Love (Single)

08:33PM Desmond Decker and the Aces “Music Like Dirt” from Music like Dirt (Single)

08:36PM Desmond Decker and the Aces “Keepa Cool Head” from Keepa Cool Head (Single)

08:39PM Desmond Decker and the Aces “The Israelites” from The Israelites (Single)

08:42PM Hank Williams Sr. “Blue Eyes Cring int he Rain” from Blue Eyes Cring int he Rain (Single)

08:45PM Waylon Jennings “A Good Hearted Woman” from A Good Hearted Woman (Single)

08:48PM The C Notes “On Your Mark” from On Your Mark (Single)

08:51PM Marvin Gaye “I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE” from I Heard It Through the Grapevine (CD, Single)

08:54PM Leadbelly “Digging My Potatoes” from Digging My Potatoes (Single)


09:00PM Leadbelly “Cottonfields” from Cottonfields (Single)

09:03PM Leadbelly “The House of the Rising Sun” from The House of the Rising Sun (Single)

09:06PM Johnny Maestro “Sincerely (Acoustic)” from Sincerely (Acoustic) (Single)

09:09PM The Chupa Chups “GLORIA” from Gloria (Single)

09:12PM The Calvanes “Up On The Mountain” from Up On The Mountain (Single)

09:15PM The Calvanes “Memories Of El Monte” from Memories Of El Monte (Single)

09:18PM The Cadillacs “Speedo” from Speedo (Single)

09:21PM Little David and the Harps “Ruby Dee” from Ruby Dee (Single)

09:24PM LIttle Butchie Sanders “Don't Do Me Wrong” from Don't Do Me Wrong (Single)

09:27PM Frankie Lyman & The Teenagers “Silhouettes” from Silhouettes (Single)

09:30PM Frankie Lyman & The Teenagers “I Want You To Be My Girl” from I Want You to be My Girl (Single)

09:33PM The Chiffons “MY BLOCK” from My Block (Single)

09:36PM The Ronnettes “BE MY BABY” from Be My Baby (Single)

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