Etta James, Ray Charles, Tom Waits and Do Wop, where else would you be? Play list

Tonight on "LA Sounds" I'll be playing Etta James, John Prine, Ray Charles, Taj Mahal, Tom Waits, Hank Williams Sr, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Billie Holiday, The Doors, The Zombies, some Do-wop and a heavy metal tune by local band, Blood Cabana called, "We Won't Take No."

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LA Sounds, where else would you be?

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 01/14/2014 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Elvis Presley “HOUND DOG” from Hound Dog (Single)

07:33PM Etta James “Good Rockin' Daddy” from Good Rockin' Daddy (Single)

07:36PM Etta James “Call Me 842-3089” from Call Me 842-3089 (MP3, Single, Private)

07:39PM John Prine “I Want to be with You Always” from I Want to be with You Always (Single)

07:42PM Taj Mahal “Magic in My Baby's Eyes” from Magic in My Baby's Eyes (Single)

07:45PM Richie Valens “Come On Let's Go (Ritchie Valens 1959)” from Come On Let's Go (Ritchie Valens 1959) (Single)

07:48PM Richie Valens “Stay Beside Me (Ritchie 1959)” from Stay Beside Me (Ritchie 1959) (Single)

07:51PM The Skaalites “Ska Ska Ska” from Ska Ska Ska (Single)

07:54PM Elvis Presley “Bossa Nova Baby” from Bossa Nova Baby (Single)

07:57PM Elvis Presley “Blue Suede Shoes” from Blue Suede Shoes (Single)

08:00PM Elvis - Presley “All Shook UP” from All Shook UP (Single)

08:03PM Elvis Presley “A Mess Of Blues” from A Mess of Blues (Single)

08:06PM Reni Simon “In the Mood for Memphis” from In the Mood for Memphis (Single)

08:09PM Ray Charles “But On the Other Hand Baby” from But On the Other Hand Baby (Single)

08:12PM Billie Holiday “BODY & SOUL” from Body & Soul (Single)

08:15PM Hank Williams Sr. “You're Just a Little Bit Late” from You're Just a Little Bit Late (Single)

08:18PM Hank Williams Sr. “Baby We're Really in Love” from Baby We're Really in Love (Single)

08:21PM Hank Williams Sr. “You're Gonna Change or I'm Agonna Leave” from You're Gonna Change or I'm Agonna Leave (Single)

08:24PM Hank Williams Sr. “A Picture of Me without You” from A Picture of Me without You (Single)

08:27PM Hank Williams Sr. “Cold Cold Heart” from Cold Cold Heart (Single)

08:30PM Shirley & Lee “PLEASE DON'T GO” from Please Don't Go (Single)

08:33PM The Righteous Brothers “Fee Fi Fidily I Ho (Single Version)” from Fee Fi Fidily I Ho (Single Version) (Single)

08:36PM Frank zappa and the Heartbreakers “Mr Clean” from Mr Clean (Single)

08:39PM The Gaylads “If You Don't Mind” from If You Don't Mind (Single)

08:42PM Sonia dada “(Lover) You Don't Treat Me No Good” from (Lover) You Don't Treat Me No Good (Single)

08:45PM Torell Slim “#9 Train” from Livin' On the Streets

08:48PM Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis “I Hear you Knockin'” from I Hear you Knockin' (Single)

08:51PM Waylon Jennigs “A Couple More Years” from A Couple More Years (Single)

08:54PM Billile Holiday “He'S Funny That Way (05-22-52)” from He'S Funny That Way (05-22-52) (Single)

08:57PM Billie Holiday “You Go to My Head” from You Go to My Head (Single)

09:00PM The Teenagers “Wedding Bells” from Wedding Bells (Single)

09:03PM The Teenagers “I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent” from I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent (Single)

09:06PM The Teenagers “I'm So Happy!” from I'm So Happy! (Single)

09:09PM Little Anthon & The Imperials “Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop” from Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop (Single)

09:12PM Little Anthon & The Imperials “I'm on the Outside Looking In” from I'm on the Outside Looking In (Single)

09:15PM Little Anthon & The Imperials “Please Say You Want Me Too” from Please Say You Want Me Too (Single)

09:18PM Frankie Lyman & The Teenagers “Why Do Fools Fall In Love” from Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Single)

09:21PM The Doors “MOONLIGHT DRIVE” from Moonlight Drive (Single)

09:24PM Tom Waits “HOLD ON” from Hold On (Single)

09:27PM Bonnie Raitt “Love Me Like a Man” from Love Me Like a Man (Single)

09:30PM Delany and Bonnie “Dirty Old Man” from Dirty Old Man (Single)

09:33PM Eva Cassidy & Chuck Brown “LET the GOOD TIMES ROLL” from LET the GOOD TIMES ROLL (Single)

09:36PM Delbert McClintin “Better off with the Blues” from Better off with the Blues (Single)

09:39PM Blood Cabana “We Won't Take No” from We Won't Take No (Single)

09:42PM The Zombies “I LOVE YOU” from I LOVE YOU (Single)

09:45PM Skip And Flip “CHERRY PIE” from CHERRY PIE (Single)

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