From Marvin Gaye to Frank Zappa on LA Sounds play list


Tonight on “LA Sounds” it'll be Marvin Gaye, Joe Cocker, The Chi-lites, Etta James, Frank Zappa, James Brown, James Cotton, The Jaynettes, Joe Cocker, Katie Webster, Merle Haggard & Jewel, Michael Jackson, Mongo Jerry, The Olympics, Ray Charles, The Righteous Brothers, Robin Thicke, Roseanne Cash, Rosemary Clooney, The Doors, The Eagles, Willie Nelson, The Zombies, some cholo and some Latin music. Broadcast on 90.1 FM Chico, CA and streamed live every Tuesday night 7:30-10:00  PM on

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 11/19/2013 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Marvin Gaye “WHAT'S GOING ON ?” from WHAT'S GOING ON ? (Single)

07:33PM Joe Cocker “Feelin' Alright” from Feelin' Alright (Single)

07:36PM Etta James “I JUST WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO YOU” from I Just Want to Make Love to You (Single)

07:39PM Etta James “Don't Cay Baby” from Don't Cay Baby (Single)

07:42PM James Cotton “Honest I Do” from Honest I Do (Single)

07:45PM The Zombies “Time Of The Season” from Time Of The Season (Single)


07:51PM The Zombies “Bring it on Home to Me” from Bring it on Home to Me (Single)

07:54PM The Zombies “Tell Her No” from Tell Her No (Single)

07:57PM The Impressions “I'm So Proud (Single Version)” from I'm So Proud (Single Version) (Single)

08:00PM James Brown “Bewildered” from Bewildered (Single)

08:03PM Roy Orbison “Sweet Dreams Baby” from Sweet Dreams Baby (Single)

08:06PM Roy Orbison “Only The Lonely” from Only the Lonely (Single)

08:09PM Roy Orbison “CRYING” from CRYING (Single)

08:12PM Roy Orbison “The Penny Arcade” from The Penny Arcade (Single)

08:15PM Marvin Gaye “Can I Get A Witness” from Can I Get a Witness (MP3, Single, Private)

08:18PM Marvin Gaye “I'll be Doggoned” from I'll be Doggoned (Single)

08:21PM Marvin Gaye “That's the Way Love Goes” from That's the Way Love Goes (Single)

08:24PM The Tempations “Too Busy Thinking about My Baby” from Too Busy Thinking about My Baby (Single)

08:27PM Katie Webster “Baby Baby” from Baby Baby (Single)

08:30PM Willie Nelson “Sitting in Limbo” from Sitting in Limbo (Single)

08:33PM Willie Nelson “Reason to Quit” from Reason to Quit (Single)

08:36PM Ray Charles “Busted 8-63” from Busted 8-63 (Single)

08:39PM Professor Longhair “Ball the Wall (1953)” from Ball the Wall (1953) (Single)

08:42PM The Olympics “Western Movies” from Western Movies (Single)

08:45PM Roseanne Cash “Tennessee Flat Top Box” from Tennessee Flat Top Box (Single)

08:48PM Frank zappa and the Heartbreakers “Every Time I See Your Face” from Every time I See Your Face (Single)

08:51PM Frank Zappa “Electric Anut Jamaima” from Electric Anut Jamaima (Single)

08:54PM Thee Midnighters “Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things” from Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things (Single)

08:57PM Frank Zappa “Love Of My Life ” from Love Of My Life (Single)

09:00PM The Penguins “Memories Of El Monte” from Memories Of El Monte (Single)

09:03PM Wilson Phillips “Dedicated To The One I Love” from Dedicated To The One I Love (Single)

09:06PM Merle Haggard & Jewell “That'S the Way Love Goes” from That's the Way Love Goes (Single)

09:09PM Bob Dylan “Sometime After Midnight” from Sometime After Midnight (Single)

09:12PM The Righteous Brothers “Find Yourself Another Man” from Find Yourself another Man (Single)

09:15PM Brenton Wood “ME and YOU” from ME and YOU (Single)

09:18PM Flaco Jimenez “De Bolon Pin Pon” from De Bolon Pin pon (Single)

09:21PM Conjunto Alma Jarocha “El Tilingo Lindo” from El Tilingo Lindo (Single)

09:24PM Katie Webster “Jimmy Jimmy” from Jimmy Jimmy (Single)

09:27PM Van Morrison “No Religion” from No Religion (Single)

09:30PM Tony Rice “Going Up Home” from Going Up Home (Single)

09:33PM Peter & Paul And Mary “Rolling Home” from Rolling Home (Single)

09:36PM Wilson Phillips “GOD ONLY KNOWS” from GOD ONLY KNOWS (Single)

09:39PM Tom Waits “A Good Man is Hard to Find” from A Good Man is Hard to Find (Single)

09:42PM Joe Cocker “High Time We Went” from High Time We Went (Single)

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