Thank you gifts only on LA Sounds Tuesday, Oct 29 from 7:30-10:00 PM play list

Yamaha electric guitar and amplifier. Guitar comes with carrying case, strap, wah wah handle and extra set of strings $175.00.

Heavy duty hoodie sweatshirt black with multi color KZFR & LA Sounds graphic design. $75.00 (S - XL)

Beefy long sleeve black T shirt with multi color KZFR & LA Sounds graphic design $55.00 (M - XL)

Beefy short sleeve black T shirt with multi color KZFR & LA Sounds graphic design $50.00  (XL)

15 oz mug with multi color KZFR & LA Sounds graphic design $35.00

Best of LA Sounds Do wop CD's $25.00

Best of LA Sounds music my father loved $25.00

Bumper sticker with multi color KZFR & LA Sounds graphic design $20.00

Yamaha Guitar and Amp

07:30PM Franky Lyman and the Teenagers “I Want You To Be My Girl” from I Want You to be my girl (Single)

07:33PM The Monotones “Book of Love (1958)” from Book of Love (1958) (Single)

07:36PM Betty Everett “I Can't Stand It” from I Can't Stand It (Single)

07:39PM Buster Brown “IS YOU IS OR IS YOU AIN'T MY BABY” from Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby (Single)

07:42PM The Cadillacs “Speed O” from Speed O (Single)

07:45PM Buster Brown “Fanne Mae” from Fanne Mae (Single)

07:48PM Clyde Mc Phatter “A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues” from A Shot of Rhythm and Blues (Single)

07:51PM The Capris “There's A Moon Out Tonight” from There's A Moon Out Tonight (Single)

07:54PM Bermard Hardison “Too Much” from Too Much (Single)

07:57PM Bobby Darin “Dream Lover” from Dream Lover (Single)

08:00PM Conway Twitty “Cest Si Bon” from Cest Si Bon (Single)

08:03PM Conway Twitty “Is a Blue Bird Blue” from Is a Blue Bird Blue (Single)

08:06PM Edward James Olmos “El Pachuco” from El Pachuco (Single)

08:09PM Danny Sandoval “Hardly See My Way” from Hardly See My Way (Single)

08:15PM The Perez Brothers “Tonight” from Tonight (Single)

08:18PM Jesse Belvin “She's Gone” from She's Gone (Single)

08:21PM The Nutmegs “Story Untold” from Story Untold (Single)

08:24PM The Paragons “Let's Start All Over Again” from Let's Start All Over Again (Single)

08:27PM Bessie Smith “I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl” from I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl (Single)

08:30PM Glenn Miller “AMERICAN PATROL” from AMERICAN PATROL (Single)

08:33PM Julie London “COME ON A MY HOUSE” from Come on a My House (Single)

08:36PM The Blue Sky Boys “Sold Down The River” from Sold Down The River (Single)

08:39PM The Harptones “A Sunday Kind Of Love” from A Sunday Kind Of Love (Single)

08:42PM Freddy Fender “Crazy Crazy Baby” from Crazy Crazy Baby (Single)


08:48PM The Four Seasons “Let's Hang On” from Let's Hang On (Other, Single, Private, 1965) on Oldies 45

08:51PM The Four Seasons “SHERRY” from SHERRY (Single)

08:54PM Major Lance “Um Um Um Um Um” from Um Um Um Um Um (Single)

08:57PM The Five Keys “THE GLORY OF LOVE” from THE GLORY OF LOVE (Single)

09:00PM Fats Domino “Let The Four Winds Blow” from Let the Four Winds Blow (Single)

09:03PM The Persuasions “Chapel of Love” from Chapel of Love (Single)

09:06PM The Persuasions “Good Old Acapella” from Good Old Acapella (Single)

09:09PM Dale and Grace “I'm Leaving It Up To You” from I'm Leaving It Up To You (Single)

09:12PM The Medallions “Buick '59” from Buick '59 (Single)

09:15PM Lazy Lester “If You Don'T Want Me Baby” from If You Don't Want Me Baby (Single)

09:18PM Lazy Lester “Blue Eyes Crying (in the Rain)” from Blue Eyes Crying (in the Rain) (Single)

09:21PM Lazy Lester “Ethel Mae” from Ethel Mae (Single)

09:24PM The Hearts “Lonely Nights (1955)” from Lonely Nights (1955) (Single)

09:27PM The Presidents “I Want My Baby” from I Want My Baby (Single)

09:30PM Otis Redding “You Left the Water Running” from You Left the Water Running (Single)

09:33PM Dion “Ruby Baby” from Ruby Baby (Single)

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