June 1, 2022: Addison Winslow talks about Chico Housing and General Plan

Tomorrow night, the City of Chico’s Planning Commission will meet to discuss the Housing Element of the City’s General Plan.  The Housing Element outlines the housing needs for the City for the next eight years, or until 2030.  Last week the Chair of the Butte County Board of Supervisors Bill Connelly attempted to get a letter approved by the Board, that asks California Governor Gavin Newsom to omit Butte County from the state’s prohibition against price-gouging of rental properties.  Also last week, Chico police began issuing notices for unhoused people to move their belongings from public spaces, to sanctioned campgrounds or to the court required Pallette Shelter.  All of these things happened within a week of each other highlights the fact that Chico needs to focus on housing… the housing that is needed now, and the predicted housing needed in the future.  The type of housing in the plan will dictate the future of Chico and all of Butte County.

To talk about all things housing, on the phone with me is Addison Winslow.  Regular listeners of The Real Issue know Addison Winslow as a longtime advocate for unhoused population in Chico, and for tenants’ rights.  Winslow is also the Housing and Land Use Analyst for Butte Environmental Council.

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