May 8, 2022

  • 5:00pm by on ( )
  • 5:03pm Aseeko! (Get Up And Dance) by Don Pullen on Live...Again (UMG - CM BLUE NOTE (A92))
  • 5:14pm River Song by Don Pullen on Sacred Common Ground (UMG - CM BLUE NOTE (A92))
  • 5:21pm by on ( )
  • 5:27pm Blackball by Evan Drybread on Tiger Tail (Evan Drybread)
  • 5:32pm Gullyism by Sean Jones on Eternal Journey (Mack Avenue Records)
  • 5:38pm Katanga by Dupree Bolton on Fireball (ORCHARD - UPTOWN JAZZ)
  • 5:43pm by on ( )
  • 5:45pm Caverna by Blue Dot Sessions on High Horse (Blue Dot Studios)
  • 5:45pm by on ( )
  • 5:49pm Reflections by Thelonious Monk Trio on Thelonious Monk Trio [RVG Remaster] (UMG - Concord Records)
  • 6:01pm by on ( )
  • 6:05pm The Beat Generation by Jack Kerouac on The Collection (RevOla)
  • 6:06pm Desolation Angels by Jack Kerouac on On the Beat Generation (Tin Toy)
  • 6:07pm San Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation) - Remastered by Jack Kerouac on The Beat Generation¡ Vol.1 - Remastered (BELIEVE - Shake It Up! Records)
  • 6:08pm Cosmic Rays by Charlie Parker on Remastered Classics, Vol. 108, Charlie Parker (Moonhoney Records)
  • 6:12pm Bernie's Tune by Gerry Mulligan Quartet on Bernie's Tune (WMG - Giant Steps)
  • 6:15pm Bebopper by The Gordons on Sounds of the City, Pottsville - The Beatnik Jazz Scene (Fidelity Masters)
  • 6:18pm by on ( )
  • 6:24pm God Bless The Child by Eric Dolphy on The Illinois Concert (Blue Note Records)
  • 6:33pm by on ( )
  • 6:33pm Round Midnight by Charlie Haden on (UMG - Universal Music Division Decca Records France)
  • 6:45pm by on ( )
  • 6:47pm Afrique by Duke Ellington on The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse (UMG - Fantasy Records)
  • 6:53pm Lined With a Groove by Ray Brown on Monterey Mist (Move)
  • 6:58pm Wild Tyme by Jefferson Airplane on Original Album Classics (RCA/BMG Heritage)
  • 6:59pm by on ( )
  • 7:00pm Wham Bam by Mingus Big Band Orchestra on (UMG - Universal Music Division Decca Records France)
  • 7:06pm by on ( )
  • 7:10pm The Circle With A Hole In The Middle - Remastered by Ornette Coleman on The Atlantic Years (Remastered) ( )
  • 7:15pm Getting Sentimental by Yusef Lateef on Getting Sentimental (WMG - Rhino Atlantic)
  • 7:25pm by on ( )
  • 7:27pm I Love My Man (Billie's Blues) by Billie Holiday on Presenting… the Great Blues Singers (FM Records)
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