April 29, 2022: Natale Hanson: Risk of Surge in new COVID-19 Variant / Diane Suzuki & Ann Polivka: Militarization of Chico PD

Journalist Natale Hanson joins host Robert Jones to discuss the risk for a surge in COVID-19 cases here in Butte County and her recent article at ChicoSol, "Medical experts warn against complacency as new COVID variant appears". (30m)

Then Robert is in conversation with two members of Concerned Citizen for Justice (CC4J), Diane Suzuki and Ann Polivka, to discuss the recent Chico City Council 6-1 vote to approve an ordinance overseeing the Chico Police Department’s acquisition and use of military equipment. (60m)

  • 11:30am What's Going On by Devon Gilfillian on What's Going On (UMG - Capitol Records)
  • 11:35am Gimme Some Truth by John Lennon on GIMME SOME TRUTH. (Universal Music)
  • 12:02pm Imagine by Music Travel Love on Imagine (Music Travel Love LLC)
  • 12:54pm Crazy Fingers by Jazz Is Dead on Blue Light Rain (Zebra Records)