Two Vietnam Vets and an Iraq/Afghanistan Vet will be my guests tonight on “LA Sounds” interspersed with all Cowboy and some Bluegrass Music playlist

A lot of listeners like to hear my stories about me being a Vietnam Vet. Well, tonight on “LA Sounds” from 7:30-10:00 PM, I’m going to have 3 special guests, Chris Curtis and Bob Main, both Vietnam Vets, and Garth Talbott, an Iraq/Afghanistan Vet. They all live in Butte County and I’ll be talking to them about their experience as being war veterans and they all have interesting stories to tell. You don’t want to miss this.

The music tonight will be all cowboy (and some cowgirl and Bluegrass) music from Alicia Nugent, Asleep at the Wheel, The Bar J Wranglers, The Bellamy Brothers, Bill Monroe, Cisco Houston, Charlie Daniels, Dwight Yoakum, Eddie Arnold, Gene Autry, Hank Williams, Jim & Jesse, Jimmy Martin, Lyle Lovett, Marty Robbins, Riders in the Sky, Roy Rogers, Sourdough Slim, Tex Ritter, Vern & Ray, Willie Nelson, Woody Guthrie and Yodel Nora Jan Struthers. Streamed live on

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 07/30/2013 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:33PM Williams, Hank 123 “I'm A Long Gone Daddy” from Men with Broken Hats

07:35PM Hank Williams “Rootie Tootie” from Rootie Tootie (Single)

07:38PM 8th Avenue String Band “Living The Right Life Now” from Living the Right Life Now (Single)

07:41PM 8th Avenue String Band “Pipeline Blues” from Pipeline Blues (Single)

07:44PM Adolph Hofner “I'll Keep My Old Guitar” from HillBilly Blues 1928-1946 (Blues, 1997) on Frémeaux & associés

07:47PM Al Parsons “I Got You Where I Want You” from I Got You Where I Want You (Single)

07:50PM The Bailey Brothers “Take Me Back to Happy Valley” from Take Me Back to Happy Valley (Single)

07:53PM The Stanley Brothers “Sunny Side of the Mountain” from Sunny Side of the Mountain (Single)

07:56PM Sourdough Slim “Vaudeville Cowboy” from Vaudeville Cowboy (Single, 2006)

07:59PM Sourdough Slim “Ragtime Cowboy Joe” from Ragtime Cowboy Joe (Single)

08:02PM Sourdough Slim “I'm in the Jailhouse Now” from I'm in the Jailhouse Now (Single)

08:05PM Alecia Nugent “Hillbilly Goddess” from Hillbilly Goddess (Single, 2009) on Universal Music Group International

08:08PM Vern & Ray “Montana Cowboy” from Montana Cowboy (Single)

08:11PM Vern & Ray “HOW MANY TIMES” from How Many Times (Single) 

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