From Jackie's bag

Giacomo Gates “Gun” from The Revolution Will Be Jazz - The Songs of Gil Scott-Heron(2011)
Jackie Mclean “Melonae's Dance” from Jackie's Bag (1960)
Jackie Mclean “Riff Raff” from Destination Out! (1963)
John Scofield “I'll Take Les” from Hand Jive (1994)
Sidney Bechet “Summertime” from Summertime (single) (1939)
Sidney Bechet “Egyptian Fantasy” from Egyptian Fantasy (single) (1941)
Jay McShann “Hootie Blues” from Hootie Blues (single) (1940)
Big Joe Turner “Flip, Flop & Fly” from Flip, Flop & Fly (single) (1955)
Jackie Mclean “Blues Function” from Bluesnik (1961)
Jackie Mclean “Melody For Melonae” from Let Freedom Ring (1962)
Michael Blake “Calypso Minor” from Elevated (2002)
Michael Blake “Surfing Sahara” from Elevated (2002)
Jackie Mclean “Jacknife” from Jacknife (1965)
Jackie Mclean “Love and Hate” from Destination Out! (1963)
Giacomo Gates “The Blues Are Out of Town” from Luminosity (2007)
John Scofield “Do Like Eddie” from Hand Jive (1994)

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