February 21, 2020 -- Sit/Lie and needle exchanges with Jason Allen and Vice Mayor Alex Brown, Faith and Common Ground with Kate McCarthy

If you have a roof be grateful... a special Without a Roof radio segment on the KZFR Peace and Social Justice Show Hosted by Guillermo Mash and Pastor Jesse Kearns


00:00 -- Without a Roof theme
01:05 -- Show Introduction 
03:34 --  Jason Allen on the job of a Chico Downtown Ambassador 
13:05 -- Jason Allen on Sit/Lie 
25:16 -- Vice-mayor Brown and Mayor Stone, Sit/Lie introduction from the Feb-18-2020 Chico City Council
29:47 -- Studio conversation with Alex Brown on Sit/Lie 
44:10 -- Jason Allen on needles (4:14) 
48:07 --  Dr. Lindsay Briggs PhD. public health, Business from the Floor during the Feb-18-2020 Chico City Council
50:39 -- Councilmember Morgan needle exchange introduction, during the Feb-18-2020 Chico City Council
54:52 --  Studio conversation with Vice-Mayor Brown on needle exchange
59:32 --  Faith and Common Ground with Kate McCarthy, Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Chico State, 

Jason Allen, extended interview (49min) >>> https://drive.google.com/open?id=18Oiu7SeNn_y2z9rJrldIJdiOgR3SprAY


  • 12:27pm Ghost Town by Tim Flannery on The Light (Whale Bone Records)
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