March 7, 2018 -- Torres Shelter and The Jesus Center in the News, Josh Indar and Meagan Meloy with Butte County Office of Education on When Students are Homeless


Updates on the Torres Community Shelter abuse of privacy and confidentiality, the response thus far and this breaking story... This is typical TV broadcast journalism, sloppy full of innuendos and woefully off the mark. I think anyone can plainly see that The Jesus Center is anything but a beacon of hospitality. For their Executive Director to come on and trash good Samaritans in a b-grade hit piece is a new low for our community. Click here for the transcript and video.

The rest of the show is dedicated to the efforts of School Ties, a program of the Butte County Office of Education to educate teachers, students and the public at large on the challenges of being a homeless student. We lead with program coordinator Meagan Meloy on privacy and confidentiality and end the show with our main segment, a twenty minute Q&A led by the Tutoring Coordinator, Josh Indar, in a Chico State University School of Education class on how to reach, and teach, people experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness. Click here for the BCOE video "When Students are Homeless" to view the video that Josh is referring to in his Q&A. 

00:00 -- Show Theme
01:09 -- Show introduction
04:04 -- Meagan Meloy
08:33 -- Josh Indar, Classroom introduction
09:29 -- Josh Indar Classroom Q&A


3:29am, 6-20-2018
Students would be glad to know that they can always find a help at site. See ya!
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