February 28, 2018 — Steve Miller celebrates a milestone, David Phillips, Robert Jones, Patrick Newman and Mary Flynn on hospitality in public spaces and interviews with clients of the Jesus Center outside the Jesus Center


Steve Miller celebrates 4-years of sobriety. Access the youtube archive of Miller’s interview here >>> Anything is Possible if you want it bad enough https://youtu.be/J9G8yeUAt1A

David Phillips with Justice for Desmond Phillips and Patrick Newman and Robert Jones with Chico Friends on the Street discuss providing fellowship and sustenance to poverty stricken community members in Downtown Chico City Plaza, and a phone interview with past Chico City Mayor Mary Flynn on hospitality in public spaces. 

Newman and Jones also respond to portions of Laura Cootsona's interview on the KZFR Peace and Social Justice Show regarding the MOU to move The Jesus Center from it's Park Ave location to the outskirts of town near Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in south Chico. We also feature interviews with people who use the Jesus Center's services recorded on the 13th Street sidewalk adjacent to the Jesus Center the morning of February 28, 2018.

00:00 -- Steve Miller's interview, in progress. Click here for the full interview >>> https://youtu.be/J9G8yeUAt1A
01:19 -- Show introduction and lineup
02:38 -- Mary Flynn, formerly Mary Goloff when she was on Chico City Council
05:28 -- David Phillips with Justice for Desmond Phillips on providing food and fellowship in Chico Downtown Plaza
08:23 -- Robert Jones & Patrick Newman with Chico Friends on the Streets on companionship in Chico Downtown Plaza
16:43 -- KZFR Underwriter
17:11 -- Jesus Center interviews with Cheryl, Tina "aka Little Miss Chico", Jack, Kenny and Robert Campanelli

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