January 5, 2018

  • 7:00pm Summer Nights by Prince Hav on Hennessy Friday (Flow Child Entertainment)
  • 7:01pm Big Fish by Vince Staples on Big Fish (Universal Music)
  • 7:04pm It's Tricky by Run - D.M.C. on Can't Hardly Wait (Elektra Records)
  • 7:07pm Bring The Noise by Public Enemy on Power To The People And The Beats - Public Enemy's Greatest Hits (Universal Music)
  • 7:11pm Forest Whitiker by Brother Ali on Shadows On The Sun (Rhymesayers)
  • 7:14pm Break You Off by The Roots on Phrenology (Interscope)
  • 7:21pm Mastermind by Deltron 3030 on Deltron 3030 (Deltron Projects)
  • 7:24pm Ghostwriter by RJD2 on Deadringer: Deluxe (Unacam Music)
This audio is no longer available.
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