December 6, 2017 -- Nikki Dow with Chico Safe Space, John Kelso with Chico Fire and Rescue, Sam Keller, Charles Withuhn, Siana Sonoquie, Ed Mayer and Lauren Kennedy on what the word homeless means and doesn't mean


00:00 -- Show Theme
01:10 -- Nikki Dow with her annual Safe Space Winter Shelter Program announcement 
03:28 -- Show Introduction and forward announcing the main feature for next week Chico Community Watch
05:40 -- John Kelso with Chico Fire and Rescue on the events of November 8, 2017 when Amanda and her husband lost their motor home to a tragic curbside fire on MLK BLVD in Chico.
16:15 -- The first question posed to the Chico Speaks forum on homelessness at Cafe Coda on November 29, 2017. "The word homeless what it means and what it doesn't mean?

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  • 5:01pm Night Train by Bruce Cockburn on The Charity Of Night (True North)
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