November 24, 2017 -- The FINAL SHOW with Slow Theatre, E-R Sessions, Sanjay Dev, Jason Cassidy, DJ Sample Lady, E-R Sessions and MORE


00:00 -- My Mom in progress! Full interview HERE >>>


02:53 -- In studio with Arts Devo Jason Cassidy, Sanjay Dev and Travis Rowdy
15:22 -- Martha Foley, DJ Sample Lady
20:35 -- Behind the scenes of the Slow Theatre Company radio play productions at Butte County Juvenile Hall. Along with Izeck Hempseed, an Alternatives to Violence Project facilitator, with his insights on the restorative power and creative energy of AVP! NOTE: We have an interview with Ashiah Scharaga midway through. Uninterrupted interview HERE >>>

43:52 -- Kevin Killion with Black Fong
46:26 -- E-R Sessions with James Chato and Leila Rodriquez

  • 6:20pm Trouble by Foxy on Double Shot Of Soul (The Bicycle Music Company)
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