November 22, 2017 -- Tara Ames with Butte County Youth Advisory Council, remembering Jeff Newlin, Mama Rose's Thanksgiving Dinner 2017, Kasey, a houseless disabled veteran, shares his story


00:00 Tara Ames, coordinator for the Butte County Youth Advisory Council, on Runaway and Homeless Youth Awareness month and the 6th Street Center for Youth CD release show at Blackbird Cafe and Books on Wednesday the 29th at 6pm.

01:30 Happy Thanksgiving Redding: Jesus is Alive and Well from November, 2013 

03:17 Show rundown and introduction of Sam Keller our guest commentator this month from the houseless community and a reflection on violence against the homeless

05:19 Remembering Jeff Newlin and his friend Billy Abernathy with a Without a Roof Vignette from March of 2013 

07:38 Sam Keller's comments on the vignette

09:22 Mama Rose's Thanksgiving Meal for the Homeless: Interviews from the event (part 1)

14:20 Commentary by Sam Keller on the vignettes

15:57 Amanda's loss of her RV in a tragic fire; part 2 of Mama Rose's Thanksging Dinner with introduction by Sam Keller (interview with Amanda starts at 18:33)

24:26 Backstory including Mona's story with commentary by Sam Keller

26:00 Bill on being babysat by Mona

26:40 An interview with Kasey, a disabled homeless veteran.

36:40 In studio commentary on Kasey's situation with Sam Keller

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  • 5:04pm Summer Darlings -15 by Jonas Lind on Summer Darlings -15 (642470 Records DK)
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  • 5:05pm Love Struck by Ennyhollar on Love Struck (Ennyhollar)
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