November 8, 2017 -- Jesus Center Consolidation/Expansion with Mark Orme, Laura Cootsona, Robert Trausch and Charles Withuhn.


Chico City Council voted to continue all discussions listed under the 4.1 agenda item plus the addition of discussing Simplicity Village, a plan presented by CHAT - Chico Housing Action Team

Council-member Ory volunteered to bring a plan and lead a discussion on affordable housing that was met with stoic silence from the conservatives. In summary, there was a lot of discussing and unanimous approval to keep on talking just as long as permanent housing for the homeless is off the table.

00:00 -- Tara Ames with the Butte County Youth Advisory Council (in progress) followed by the show intro
02:28 -- Mark Orme, Chico City Manager
10:02 -- Charles Withuhn on Simplicity Village, a program of Chico Housing Action Team
15:46 -- Laura Cootsona thoughts and comments on the Chico City Council meeting last night
16:46 -- Robert Trausch with Chico Housing Action Team
27:00 -- Sam Keller with the local Chico Housing Community 

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