Monday, October 23, 12:00am–2:00am

String Theory (Music) with RC Jones 10/23/2017 12:00AM to 02:00AM

12:00AM-12:06AM (6:53) Mahavishnu Orchestra “Meeting of the Spirits” from The Inner Mounting Flame (1971)

12:06AM-12:12AM (5:46) John Mclaughlin “New York on My Mind” from Electric Guitarist (1978)

12:12AM-12:16AM (4:15) Frank Zappa “Black Napkins” from Zoot Allures (1976)

12:16AM-12:21AM (4:16) Frank Zappa “Zoot Allures” from Zoot Allures (1976)

12:21AM-12:26AM (5:09) Steve Vai “Call It Sleep” from Flex-Able (1984)

12:26AM-12:31AM (5:29) Guthrie Govan “Uncle Skunk” from Erotic Cakes (Rock, 2006) on JTC Records

12:31AM-12:39AM (7:37) Dixie Dregs “Odyssey” from What If (Rock, 1978) on PCLC Capricorn

12:39AM-12:43AM (4:16) Altered “Angular” from Angular (Jazz, 2008) on Flitcraft Music

12:43AM-12:50AM (7:04) Allan Holdsworth “Letters of Marque” from I.O.U. (1982)

12:50AM-12:57AM (6:39) Wayne Krantz “But I Know It When I See It” from Long to be Loose (1993)

12:57AM-01:05AM (8:35) Tribal Tech “Bofat” from Nomad (1990)

01:05AM-01:11AM (5:22) Lyle Brewer “Somerville Shuffle” from Wicked Live! (2012)

01:11AM-01:21AM (10:21) Latent Pop Tendencies “Ignant Shuffle” from The Zenith Of Dixie (Rock, 2004) on Latent Pop Tendencies

01:21AM-01:25AM (3:55) The Fents “Baxter Ward” from First Offense (1982)

01:25AM-01:31AM (5:54) Jeff Beck “Blue Wind” from Wired (LP, Album, Rock, 1976) on Epic

01:31AM-01:38AM (6:31) Jimmy Herring “Aberdeen” from Subject to Change Without Notice (2012)

01:38AM-01:46AM (8:51) Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble “Riviera Paradise” from In Step (1989)

01:46AM-01:53AM (6:32) The Derek Trucks Band “This Sky” from Songlines (Rock, 2008) on Columbia/Legacy

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