October 23, 2017


--Art Blakey “Crisis”
from mosaic (Lumi OMP)
--Bud Powell “Wail”
from The Amazing Bud Powell Vol 1 (blue note 1951)
--Herbie Hancock “Blind Man, Blind Man”
from my point of view CD ALBUM (blue note 1963)
--Milt Jackson “Tahiti”
from Wizard of the Vibes (blue note 1952)
--Horace Silver “Filthy McNasty”
from Doin' the Thing at the Village Gate (blue note)
--Clifford Brown “Joy spring”
from Jazz Immortal CD COMP (blue note 2002)
--Donald Byrd “Jeannine”
from At the Half Note Cafe (blue note)
--John Patton “Alfie's Theme”
from Understanding (blue note)
--Nina Simone “Everyone's Gone to the Moon” SINGLE
--Alessandro D'Episcopo Trio “Senza fine”
from Passion & Pleasure (Altrisuoni courtesy of Big Fish Media 2004)
--Louis Armstrong “You rascal you”
from The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings, Vol. 1 CD COMP (Columbia/Legacy 2003)
--Lee Morgan “Tom Cat” (blue note 2005)

--Bobby Hutcherson “Jazz”
from San Francisco SINGLE (blue note records 1994)
--Das Vibenbass “Cloak & Dagger”
from Fodakis (HOP Productions 2007)
--Allen Toussaint “At James Infirmary”
from Bright Mississippi
--Allen Toussaint “Blue Drag”
from Bright Mississippi
--McCoy Tyner “500 miles”
from GUITARS CD ALBUM (Half-Note 2008)
--John Zorn “Hazor”
from Circle Maker Zevulun
--John Zorn “Other”
from Bar Kokhba
--Wolfgang Muthspiel “Giant steps”
from Real Book Stories
--Jean LePouge “Inter-urbain”
from Hongrois
--Dreamers “Little Britten”
from O'o

  • 2:30pm Sagefield Woman Blues by Kokomo Arnold on Kokomo Arnold Vol. 1 (1930 - 1935) (Document Records)
  • 2:34pm Crisis by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers on The Artist Selects (Blue Note Records)
  • 2:43pm Wail (1998 Digital Remaster) (The Rudy Van Gelder Edition) by Bud Powell on The Amazing Bud Powell: Vol. 1 (Blue Note Records)
  • 2:46pm by on ( )
  • 2:48pm Alfie's Theme by John Patton (Big) on Blue Break Beats - 50 Of The Best (EMI)
  • 2:53pm Tahiti (Rudy Van Gelder 24Bit Mastering) (2001 Digital Remaster) by Milt Jackson on Wizard Of The Vibes (Blue Note Records)
  • 2:56pm by on ( )
  • 2:57pm Blind Man, Blind Man (1999 Digital Remaster) (The Rudy Van Gelder Edition) by Herbie Hancock on My Point Of View (Blue Note Records)
  • 3:05pm by on ( )
  • 3:08pm Joy Spring by Clifford Brown on Jazz Immortal (Blue Note Records)
  • 3:12pm by on ( )
  • 3:12pm Filthy McNasty by Horace Silver on Doin' the Thing - At the Village Gate (Remastered 2016) (J. Joes J. Edizioni Musicali)
  • 3:22pm by on ( )
  • 3:24pm Jeannine by Donald Byrd on Gate City (Eminent Legacy Records)
  • 3:37pm by on ( )
  • 3:39pm Everyone's Gone to the Moon by Nina Simone on Nina Simone & Piano (RCA/Legacy)
  • 3:42pm Senza Fine by Alessandro D'Episcopo Trio on Passion and Pleasure (Altrisuoni)
  • 3:47pm by on ( )
  • 3:49pm You Rascal You by Louis Armstrong on Deluxe: Intégrale Jazz, Vol. 7 (DMI)
  • 3:52pm by on ( )
  • 3:53pm Tom Cat by Lee Morgan on Tom Cat (Blue Note Records)
  • 4:03pm Jazz by Bobby Hutcherson on San Francisco (Blue Note Records)
  • 4:09pm Cloak & Dagger by Das VibenBass on Fodakis (HOP Productions)
  • 4:12pm by on ( )
  • 4:13pm St. James Infirmary by Allen Toussaint on The Bright Mississippi (Nonesuch)
  • 4:17pm Blue Drag by Allen Toussaint on The Bright Mississippi (Nonesuch)
  • 4:21pm by on ( )
  • 4:23pm Miles by McCoy Tyner on Guitars ( )
  • 4:29pm Power To The People by John Lennon on Power To The People - The Hits (Parlophone Catalogue)
  • 4:30pm Imagine by John Lennon on Power To The People - The Hits (Parlophone Catalogue)
  • 4:31pm Give Peace A Chance by The Plastic Ono Band on Power To The People - The Hits (Parlophone Catalogue)
  • 4:31pm by on ( )
  • 4:32pm Hazor by John Zorn on The Circle Maker - Zevulun (Tzadik)
  • 4:37pm Sother by Bar Kokhba on Lucifer: The Book of Angels, Vol. 10 (Tzadik Records)
  • 4:45pm Giant Steps by Muthspiel - Johnson - Blade on Real Book Stories (Quinton)
  • 4:50pm Inter-urbain by Jean Lapouge Trio on Hongrois (Great Winds)
  • 4:55pm by on ( )
  • 4:57pm Little Bittern by John Zorn on O'o (Tzadik)
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