October 20, 2017 -- Dave Waddell News Director at chicosol.org on the 3-year anniversary of Marc Thompson's murder, James Chato the Art and Science of Sound EP2


00:00 -- Elwood of Chico in progress with their song Twism
04:20 -- Lew Gardner 1931-2017 with a reading of Awakening by Theodore Roethke followed by an interview at the Saturday Farmers Market from the September, 2015.
07:02 -- Rapping with the Devo with Jason Cassidy
13:25 -- Dave Waddell, News Director at chicosol.org reflecting on the 3-year anniversary of Marc Thompson's unsolved murder.
28:53 -- James Chato with our 2nd episode on the Art and Science of Sound
47:11 -- An Interview with Rodya with the Variants closing with their new track same bones new body.
53:19 -- Elwood of Chico closing with their track "You Sucked"

  • 6:00pm Rise Up by Tim Flannery & The Lunatic Fringe on Three Ring Circus ( )
  • 6:00pm by on ( )
  • 6:51pm Same Bones New Body by The Variants on Hey There, Voyeur! (The Variants)
  • 6:55pm by on ( )
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