October 14, 2017

  • 1:30pm All You Need Is Love by The Beatles on 1 (EMI)
  • 1:35pm Running On Empty by Jackson Browne & David Lindley on Love Is Strange (Inside Recordings)
  • 1:41pm by on ( )
  • 1:44pm Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson on Because Of You (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
  • 2:04pm Luka by Suzanne Vega on Songbird 2008 (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
  • 2:08pm by on ( )
  • 2:18pm 10% Sorry by Kyle Williams on San Francisco ( )
  • 2:22pm Shine by Lynn Brown on Shine ( )
  • 2:26pm Can't Let Go by Max Minardi on Stronger Than the Earth (Max Minardi)
  • 2:30pm Cigarettes by Mia Dyson on The Moment (Black Door Records)
  • 2:35pm Redemption by Volker Strifler on Let The Music Rise ( )
  • 2:40pm by on ( )
  • 2:43pm Pea Coat Ghost by Hannah Jane Kile on Little Blue Heron (Hannah Jane Kile)
  • 2:47pm by on ( )
  • 2:50pm Aweigh by Sunday Iris on Sunday Iris (Sunday Iris)
  • 2:53pm Don't Think Twice, It's All Right by Sunday Iris on Cross the Line ( )
  • 2:57pm by on ( )
This audio is no longer available.
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