September 20, 2017 -- Engage and Sac Safe Space a short film by Marianna Sousa with Kimberley Church and members of ENGAGE. Deven and Issiah with voices from the street


Wednesday the 20th at 5pm Pacific on the KZFR 90.1FM Without a RoofRadio Program: Marianna Sousa and Kimberley Church along with a radio edit of Marianna's latest mini-doc on ENGAGE and the crushing lack of affordable housing in Sacramento. Kimberley details the forthcoming Unhomed. Voices of the Unheard. this Saturday in Sacramento and Marianna shares her keen insight on Youth Homelessness and citizen journalism. Streaming live at

00:00 -- Show Theme
01:09 -- Meet Deven
03:57 -- Show Introduction
04:59 -- Engage, a video production by Marianna Sousa spotlighting Sac Safe Space and the ENGAGE team.
11:43 -- Kimberley Church with the scoop on Unhomed: Voices of the Unheard
14:13 -- An interview with Marianna Sousa
24:48 -- Show Ending

2:52am, 6-21-2018
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