September 13, 2017 -- Jennifer Wilking and Paul Boden on the criminalization of people experiencing poverty


Jennifer Wilking, Assistant Professor at California State University, Chico discusses the Chico News & Review article "Costs of criminalization" which details the research she and her colleagues have published on the impact of Sit/Lie laws in the city of Chico. Wilking also shares upcoming projects by her team and the desperate affordable housing needs within the city of Chico. Paul Boden, Executive Director at Western Regional Advocacy Project, provides commentary around Wilking's interview as he expands on the need for community member involvement to end poverty and racism in our communities.

00:00 -- Show theme
01:10 -- Community is EVERYONE; no Sit/Lie laws required  --- a Without a Roof vignette. 
02:10 -- Show rundown
02:56 -- Jennifer Wilking
24:58 -- Paul Boden
28:46 -- Show ending

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