Meet The New Programmers of 2023

This year, we've successfully trained and certified some amazing new programmers! You've heard these new voices on air co-hosting on some of your favorite shows and are probably curious who these new folks are. We're honored to have them join the KZFR Family & proud to introduce you to them.

Welcome these new voices on the Mighty Zephyr! Natalie Hanson, Bryce Goldstein, Troy Jollimore, Angela McLaughlin, Amber St Claire, Amaya Taylor & Jim Williams.

"I joined KZFR's programming at the invitation of host Robert Jones, and as a news reporter writing locally I find it to be an amazing opportunity to both share local journalism and have great discussions with people whose interests are all across the board. I still believe in what community radio can do to help people connect and learn from other perspectives, and hope that as a programmer I can have even a small positive impact on that happening." - Natalie Hanson, journalist & Peace & Social Justice cohost

"I wanted to become a programmer to uplift the voices of people in our community fighting for justice. My show highlights topics such as housing and homelessness, transportation safety and justice, environmental issues, and Palestinian liberation. Community radio is essential because it provides a platform for alternative voices and music. I love the variety of shows on KZFR, the passion the programmers have, and the likelihood of tuning in and hearing a friend's voice."- Bryce Goldstein, Peace & Social Justice cohost

"I have lived in Chico at this point for nearly a quarter of a century. I teach in the philosophy department at CSU Chico. Along with Robert Jones, who used to be my colleague in that department, I co-host Philosophers on Culture, a show where we talk about books, movies, music, social and ethical issues, philosophical conundrums, cultural and political developments, and really, whatever happens to be on our minds. Sometimes we have guests, sometimes it’s just the two of us. It’s a way, I hope, of bringing philosophy to a broader audience. I like to think that if community radio had existed in ancient Athens, Socrates would have had a show a lot like ours. I’m definitely grateful to KZFR for being a place where an off-the-beaten-path, niche show like this one can find a home and find listeners!" - Troy Jollimore, Philosophers on Culture cohost

"I have been listening to KZFR for years, but it’s role in the community feels even more critical as we see so many local news sources struggling to stay afloat. Resources and payrolls are increasingly limited for commercial papers and news stations, and as a result, it’s relatively rare to get a deep dive into local issues. KZFR programmers help to fill this gap, often bringing on local experts to explain the issues, and sharing diverse opinions on what’s happening in our community. It’s the kind of directly relevant programming that you can seldom find anywhere except your local community supported radio station. Of course, there’s also tons of great music, but for me, being a part of a station that provides information to the community which would otherwise be hard to find is the main draw. I’m excited about the opportunity, and looking forward to being a small part of that work." - Angela McLaughlin, Peace & Social Justice cohost

"I wanted to be a programmer at KZFR so that I could spread the peace and hope and joy that my non conventional friendship with Jesse Kearns has brought me. Having a friend who is on the other end of the political  and spiritual spectrum has been such a life changer for me. I no longer fear the “other”. The world needs more examples of people being good friends who are on opposite sides of the table, people who can agree to disagree, respect each persons autonomy and celebrate the places we agree. Often times we find we have more in common than we ever imagined. Community radio is so important. I’ve learned a long time again that you can’t really change the world but you can make the world around you better. Focusing on local is a powerful way to make collective changes. I hope that our friendship and show has inspired, uplifted and taught our listeners as much as it has me!" - Amber St.Claire, Faith & Common Ground cohost

"I felt inspired to become a KZFR programmer after recognizing the impact that local radio has on the community. Being a listener of KZFR, I felt moved by the words and music of my fellow programmers. As a DJ, I believe that sharing music is an important aspect of fostering a sense of community. KZFR does a great job at community building by delivering various styles of music to listeners by being an inclusive radio station, which is what I hope to continue to maintain as a programmer. I aspire to uplift our communities through the shared love for music and knowledge. As a programmer and listener, I value community radio for its power to connect and redirect people to great music and useful information!" - Amaya Taylor, local DJ & will have a show soon

"My involvement with KZFR over the years grew from listener to donor, to volunteer, to programmer.  My original intent for beginning programmer training was to be of service to an organization that provides so much to our community.  Little did I imagine that I would be invited to co-host two different shows. Being a part of the KZFR family of dedicated volunteers and programmers is a wonderful and rewarding experience that has provided me the opportunity to utilize my musical background to contribute to O’Dark 30, Two Penny Opera, and the cultural diversity of KZFR.  As a musician of 50 years, I have a deep appreciation for the numerous genres of music that I’ve performed:  Rockabilly, English and American folk songs, Sea Shanties and Maritime Ballads, Celtic tunes, Gypsy Jazz, and everything in between that catches my ear. I look forward to sharing it with all of you." - Jim Williams, O'Dark 30 & Two Penny Opera cohost

Interested in having your own show on KZFR? 

As an educational organization, KZFR offers free Training Program in the historical, legal, and technical aspects of non-commercial radio broadcasting. We are excited to provide this opportunity to everyone in the community. The first step to becoming a KZFR Programmer is to attend an Orientation. There are 4 orientations a year and space is limited. Go to to learn more and to secure a spot.

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