December 2, 2022 A Tribute to Without a Roof Host Guillermo Mash

Our CoHost Bill Mash died as a result of a cardiac arrest (11/29/22) He was a citizen journalist, community builder, arts/music supporter and tireless advocate for the unhoused. This 90 minute Tribute with a few of his friends (Tam Le, Tami Donnelson, Ashleigh Marie, Lisa Courier and Shirley McCoy) as well as his son Eric Mash included a few of his many With Out A Roof clips. He was much Appreciated and Loved and we will all miss him! He was also a friend and a curious and courageous presence across a broad swath of cultural landscapes. RIP.

Here are links to his KZFR archives from the various programs he hosted: 

Without a Roof --
Youth for Justice --
The Chico Vibe--
Imagining Community --

  • 11:31am It\\'s a Long Way from here to There by Ha'penny bridge on The Awakening (Lescelia Music)
  • 11:34am by on ( )
  • 12:53pm The A Team by Ed Sheeran on The A Team (Atlantic Records UK)
  • 12:57pm by on ( )
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