Your pledge stays local and keeps community radio strong in the North State! Your pledge makes it all possible...
11:10am, 10-27-2023
Lots of NEW thank you gifts & we've restocked some of the classics. Click to see all the cool stuff you get to pick from when you pledge...
4:39pm, 10-25-2023
Independent, local, people-powered Community Radio gives everyone the chance to be heard. Musician, writer, activist, artist and you! Without you KZFR wouldn’t be the valued, community resource that it is. Please, pledge your support today...
9:52am, 10-23-2023
Lots of doggy fun happening on Sat, Oct 28th 9am-Noon at Sycamore Field! Take your best friend...
5:55pm, 10-20-2023
We love to play unique music especially from local bands. Submit your music for consideration!
6:52pm, 9-21-2023
Got a story you think should be on your community radio station? Let us know.
3:50pm, 9-21-2023
It's thanks to your support that we are the best home grown, independent, people powered radio station in the Sacramento Valley, the foothills & beyond!
9:50pm, 9-19-2023
KZFR is honored to present this Blues virtuoso at the Chico Women's Club! Don't miss it!
1:33pm, 9-12-2023
5 Skill Shares for you to pick from or attend them all! Qi Gung, Herbal Balms, Equilibrium Acupuncture, Trauma Informed Agency & Forest Therapy at the Touch of Chico on Sept 17th.
1:34pm, 8-27-2023
The Touch of Chico is a great event for artisans, educators & holistic businesses of all kinds to reach like minded folks!
5:30pm, 8-22-2023
We appreciate the support of the Chico Massage School & the Chico Natural Foods Co-Op!
1:08pm, 8-14-2023
There will be 4 chances to win passes to The Dry Diggings Music Festival!
11:50am, 8-14-2023
Many local nonprofit organizations improve our community thanks to the hard work & kindness of volunteers.
5:30pm, 7-27-2023
It’s up to each of us to take every precaution to protect our homes, and our neighborhoods.
5:18pm, 7-27-2023
After 3 years. we're excited to bring the Touch of Chico back to the north state! Come enjoy healing massage, live music, free classes, artisans, delicious healthy foods & more at the Chico Creek Nature Center...
1:14pm, 7-27-2023
Massage, Reiki & Sound Healings oh my!
12:44pm, 7-21-2023
"My first High Sierra Festival was very fun! I’m putting together another special segment of Studio 416 for you on July 22nd..."
11:39am, 7-19-2023
City eliminates $0.35 Credit Card Convenience Fee
3:14pm, 7-11-2023
Don't worry! Thanks to our wonderful programmers, all your favorite Community Radio shows will be broadcast as usual while our GM attends the NFCB Conference.
12:22pm, 6-28-2023