This new show explores the wonderful sounds of open genre music. Electronic, dance, Latin, soulful & jungle beat grooves with a mashup of everything in between!
12:10pm, 1-31-2024
To categorize artists might make it easier to organize record stores and playlists but there’s no one term that could define any artist, least of all one like Lizzie No!
9:44pm, 1-30-2024
Send us your song requests today! We'll share your devotion over the airwaves during our "Love Is On the Air" on Wed, Feb 14th from 3-5pm.
2:36pm, 1-17-2024
If you have any questions or comments you can contact the KZFR BOD via email or by using our Public Comment Form.
1:26pm, 1-5-2024
Welcome 7 new voices on the Mighty Zephyr: Natalie, Bryce, Troy, Angela, Amber, Amaya & Jim!
3:52pm, 12-27-2023
We're excited to bring you a live broadcast of The Brothers Comatose sold out show from the Sierra Nevada Brewery's Big Room tonight at 7pm
12:23pm, 12-27-2023
Thanks to your support we have new Operating Boards! Updating and installing will interrupt our stream but not for long...
3:59pm, 12-12-2023
We'll turn it into the community radio shows you love. It's easy! Click the pic for details or call 888-593-7288 today.
12:34pm, 12-4-2023
All year long KZFR is thankful for you! Thanks to you this community radio station has become a valuable and rare community resource. Listeners, supporters, programmers & committee members. You make it all possible and we are grateful all year long.
4:20pm, 11-22-2023
We are excited to provide you and everyone in our community the opportunity to learn how to be a radio broadcaster. First step is to attend an Orientation to learn about the free comprehensive training we offer. Click here to learn more...
11:06am, 11-16-2023
Fri 11/17 Official Can Release Party at the brewery. Come on out and lift a pint with us!
12:39pm, 11-13-2023
Huge THANK YOU to all the local non-profit groups who answered the pledge drive phones
2:11pm, 11-10-2023
For another night of earth-shattering Reggae music with special guest Stay Positive Sound on Dec 1st!
3:05pm, 11-8-2023
"Radio Active is evolving! I want to give the listeners the chance to give me feedback on how I engage with my audience. I would love for you to fill out my short survey so I can better understand my audience."
11:32am, 11-8-2023
In celebration of a successful pledge drive everyone is invited to take a tour of the station!
10:55am, 11-7-2023
Your pledges strengthens local community radio, giving everyone in our community a voice. Musicians, activists, artists and you. If you missed it you can still click that Donate tab to pledge & get a thank you gift. You can be a part of KZFR!
1:15pm, 11-6-2023
All new donors who pledge during our fall 2023 Pledge Drive will have a chance to WIN tickets to 6 of our 2024 Concert Series!
10:19am, 10-28-2023
Your pledge stays local and keeps community radio strong in the North State! Your pledge makes it all possible...
11:10am, 10-27-2023
Lots of NEW thank you gifts & we've restocked some of the classics. Click to see all the cool stuff you get to pick from when you pledge...
4:39pm, 10-25-2023
Independent, local, people-powered Community Radio gives everyone the chance to be heard. Musician, writer, activist, artist and you! Without you KZFR wouldn’t be the valued, community resource that it is. Please, pledge your support today...
9:52am, 10-23-2023