Skill Share @ The Touch 2017

Free Skill Share @ The Touch 2017

KZFR is pleased to offer a fascinating schedule of free Skill Share classes at our 16th annual Touch of Chico. Join us at the Chico Creek Nature Center for an afternoon of live music, a wide variety of massage and expand your knowledge by joining a skill share class. Each skill share is being facilitated by a knowledgeable healer/educator who is gifting their time and skills at the The Touch of Chico. Scroll down for the schedule and details.

PLEASE, RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW. Please, register today by contacting Diane Suzuki at [email protected] to reserve your seat.


12:10-12:50pm YOGA WITH MARIE
We will loosen the muscles and joints in our body, and free the energy to move through us, so we can use it as ours. We will stretch, strengthen and breathe, accompanied by our inward attention and outer nature around us.
Marie Altman studied Kundalini Yoga, created by Yogi Bhajan, Ashtanga Yoga, created by Patabhi Jois, Raja Yoga, as given by Swami Kriyananda, a disciple of Parmahansa Yogananda,
Meditation training from Ananda. 17 years of yoga practice.

The set of exercises and meditations being shared today is one which prepares the practitioner for the more advanced skills of Actual Energy Clearing, a modality for self-care and healing which Malama has recently undertaken to study with a view of sharing in the community in the future.
With these simple movements, we cultivate:

- firm, nourishing grounding,
- buoyant, generous sovereignty,
- core integrity,
- resilient humility
- discerning boundaries
- open-hearted vitality
- relaxed well-being

Malama MacNeil is an elder in our community, a grandmother, gardener, poet, storyteller, ceremonialist and carrier of the Way of Council. She is a long-time practitioner of hands-on healing, craniosacral therapy, and acupressure, has trained in hospice massage and spiritual midwifery to the dying, and has been actively creating opportunities to befriend death and embrace grief in local venues since 2011. She has engaged in the spiritual practice of Subud for the past 47 years, and has been a student of taiji and qigong for nearly three decades.

This presentation will be about basic information on Structural Integration (also known as Rolfing), including the following structural and energetic benefits:
- Information on leading-edge science explaining the relationship of the body to the gravitational field.
- How optimal body alignment affects pain level, energy level, mental functioning and emotional clarity.
- How rotation patterns contribute to pain, degeneration of joints and discs. 
- How pain embedded in the body can be released.
- How Structural Integration releases rotations in the extremities and core of the body.
- Optimal body mechanics for moving, sitting and standing
- How to access the Rolf Line for enhance the flow of energy in the body.
Information on my up-coming Structural Integration book.

Essential oils can support optimal health by allowing movement of emotions through the body. When we hold onto emotions, they can create dis-ease. Releasing emotions using essential oils can be very gentle and effective. Come learn some strategies and learn a little more about essential oils.
Talia Scherquist - Wellness, Purpose and Abundance 


Heal yourself, heal the world. Unsatisfied with the limitations of conventional western medicine, Dr. Otani's personal journey to explore and combine different spiritual and psychological practices in order to help others to heal, and himself.  

All Skill Share classes are Free to attend. Please, register today.

KZFR appreciates everyone on this list sharing their skills! Thank you for volunteering your time and skills in support of community radio!

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