November 13, 2023

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  • 12:02pm Boats Up The River by John Jackson on Boats Up The River (WMG - ADA Global)
  • 12:06pm by on ( )
  • 12:08pm My Babe by Little Walter on The Blues Nights, Vol. 3 (BELIEVE - Underground Inside Records)
  • 12:10pm My Baby Made A Change by Sonny Boy Williamson on Sonny Boy Williamson Vol. 3 (1939 - 1941) (Doxy Records)
  • 12:14pm My Baby Won't Pay Me No Mind by Buddy Moss on Guitar Blues Legend (BELIEVE - Nostalgia Collection)
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  • 12:20pm My Baby Got A Yo-Yo by The Two Poor Boys - Joe Evans & Arthur McClain on The Two Poor Boys - Joe Evans & Arthur McClain (1927-1931) (Document Records)
  • 12:23pm My Baby Don't Mean Me No Good by Blind Boy Fuller on Blind Boy Fuller - Remastered Works (Brownsville)
  • 12:29pm My Baby Come Back by Bessie Jackson on In the effervescence of Harlem Renaissance - 1920s-1930s : Classical Blues, Jazz & Vaudeville Female Singers Collection - 20 Vol (BELIEVE - Isis)
  • 12:31pm My Babe Blues (316) by James "Stump" Johnson on James "Stump" Johnson 1929-1964 (Document Records)
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  • 12:39pm Baby I've Been Your Slave by Sonny Boy Williamson on The Theresa May Blues (MERLIN - Blue Lagoon)
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  • 12:50pm Twelve Pound Daddy by Pearl Dickson on Memphis Blues 1927 - 1938 (Document Records)
  • 12:53pm The Crowing Rooster by Walter Rhodes on Memphis Blues 1927 - 1938 (Document Records)
  • 12:55pm Ain't Goin' To Be Your Low Down Dog by Ollie Rupert on Memphis Blues 1927 - 1938 (Document Records)
  • 12:58pm I Raised My Window And Looked At The Risin' Sun by Ollie Rupert on Memphis Blues 1927 - 1938 (Document Records)
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  • 1:01pm Rue Severine by Blue Dot Sessions on The Sweet Hots (Blue Dot Studios)
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  • 1:05pm The Ghetto by EarthKry on Dandy Shandy (MERLIN - Wash House Music Group)
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  • 1:06pm People Here Know How to Party by Horace Trahan on All the Way (Horace Trahan)
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  • 1:09pm My Baby's Gone by Tommy McClennan on The Bluebird Recordings, 1939-1942 (SME - RCA Records Label)
  • 1:14pm My Baby Left Me by The Yas Yas Girl (Merline Johnson) on The Yas Yas Girl (Merline Johnson) Vol. 1 1937-1938 (Document Records)
  • 1:17pm My Baby's Playground by Roosevelt Sykes on Romantic Jazz For Your Blooming Love (Blooming Jazz Records)
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  • 1:31pm If I Ever Get Back Home by Guitar Kelley on If I Ever Get Back Home (WMG - ADA Global)
  • 1:36pm Talk To Me Baby by Guitar Kelley on Talk To Me Baby (WMG - Arhoolie Records)
  • 1:40pm I Got A Funny Feeling by Guitar Kelley on I Got A Funny Feeling (WMG - ADA Global)
  • 1:45pm by on ( )
  • 1:52pm Peppermint Boogie by Peppermint Harris on I Got Loaded: The Very Best of 1948-59 (MERLIN - Jasmine Records)
  • 1:54pm A Hepcat's Advice by Elmore Nixon on The Best Of Duke-Peacock Blues (Geffen* Records)
  • 1:57pm Alabama Blues by Elmore Nixon on Third Floor Blues (Marathon Media International Ltd.)
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  • 2:04pm Forgive Me Baby by Elmore Nixon on Stompin' At The Savoy: Things Have Changed, 1951-1955 (UMG - Savoy)
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  • 2:11pm A Weary Silent Night by James "Wide Mouth" Brown on R & B Guitars 1950-1954 (ORCHARD - Blue Moon Rhythm & Blues)
  • 2:13pm Bad Luck & Trouble by Hubert Robinson on Queen Of Hits: The Macy's Recordings Story (Master Classics Records)
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  • 2:19pm Don't Do It by Elmore Nixon on The Post Records Rarities (MERLIN - Record Town)
  • 2:22pm Got Me a Louisiana Woman by Lightnin' Hopkins on Lightnin' Strikes (BELIEVE - Vintage Recordings)
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  • 2:26pm Clifton's Blues by Clifton Chenier on Clifton's Blues (WMG - Arhoolie Records)
  • 2:29pm Flirtibird by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra on BD Music Presents Film Noir, Vol. 2 (MERLIN - BDMUSIC)
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